Rack Mount Happy Times

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  1. Rockspider99

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    Hello Fello Motor-Cyclists,

    So I have completed by build, after a couple of test runs took her for a ride to work this morning. Ran very well, trip is just on 15KM (9.3miles). Ran the motor for 15 minutes with 10 minute breaks (peddling).
    Only one problem, I think my chain is made from Bungee Cord, had to retention the chain twice.

    Here are some pictures (taken with Cell phone so no so sharp) :whistling:

    20140110_075508.jpg 20140110_075425[1].jpg Silverback Reno2.jpg Silverback Reno1.jpg

  2. professor

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    I think you did good.
    Some decent chain should solve the chain issue.
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  3. wheelbender6

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    Well done. That is only the second rack mounted China girl I have seen. When you get a chance, try modding the intake manifold so that the carb float bowl is level. Solves a lot of carb issues. In the old days, guys would simply saw the intake manifold in half length wise and connect the 2 pieced with flexible automobile heater hose.
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  4. Rockspider99

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    Had a bit of an issue getting her going otherwise it has been running very well but I will look at leveling the carb. There is a chain place in the industrial area here, will see what they have.

    One of the main reasons for not mounting the motor in the Frame was originally because the carb didn't fit in. I took the measurements and was like, great that should fit but the carb sticks out just a little too much. Also reading on the forums that the motor is pretty heavy on softer metal frames (cromolly) and the bike actually being my wife's I didn't want to cause permanent damage to it.
    Frame was made from steel so it is extremely solid though a tad heavy, may try build an aluminium one in the future. Fun part was trying to get the weight over the back Axel as much as possible not to pop wheelies and then try not burn my butt.
    Over all happy, may not be the prettiest but it is functional.

    SANDSA Member

    That's cool.
    That was my 1st.thought when I saw your build,too much weight in the rear.
    *tip-never say that line to a female.Anyway,perhaps install a cargo basket or a tool box or something to the front to balance things out.I was going to say a seat for your wifee,but don't wana get into anymore trouble.Another suggestion would be to wrap your exhaust pipe with some .exhaust isolating header wrap tape,or fabricate some kind of a heat shield, just to be on the safe side.I'm planning on wrapping my pipe with some white/natural pipe wrap.those pipes get red hot.I also heard that header wrap will increase performance,I'll believe that when I see it.
    Overall I think that it's a real cool concept,great job.
  6. darwin

    darwin Well-Known Member

    Nice, one problem I see is yo bootay getting cooked on that exhaust pipe. Smell something burning don't ignore it!
  7. butterbean

    butterbean Well-Known Member

    Just don't ever scoot back too far, or youll burn your arse on the exhaust pipe. Other than that, nice job!
  8. Rockspider99

    Rockspider99 Member

    thanks for the positive feedback.
    I think my biggest problem is if I have a large amount of beans the night before a ride, letting off a little gas over a hot exhaust may make my bike methane propelled.
  9. sdframe

    sdframe New Member

    I love it!
  10. Rockspider99

    Rockspider99 Member

    he he, so my chain became super slacked, me being smart decided to remove one more link as I had no more room to adjust on the tensioner pulley. Mistake! The chain was a hair too short, but luckily I made the back mounts "adjustable" by sliding up and down the frame. managed to get it hooked up again, now I have about half inch of slack on the chain, not sure if that will do any damage.
  11. Rockspider99

    Rockspider99 Member

    Okay so after a week of riding, decided that I don't really like all the weight at the back, bike balance is way off.
    Now to make it fit in the frame!
  12. wheelbender6

    wheelbender6 Well-Known Member

    On my e-bike, I had to move my SLA batteries from the rear rack to the frame triangle for the same reason. The bike was very tough to handle at low speeds and when stopped for a light.
  13. Rockspider99

    Rockspider99 Member

    ha ha yeah batteries weight a ton, I feel I should have bit the bullet and gone for an electric kit.
    mainly build the bike to use when not in the mood to use my normal peddle bike to work but see the amount of tinkering required I am having second thoughts. The electric kits are just very expensive.
  14. Rockspider99

    Rockspider99 Member

    Hello all, so after three weeks of hammering away at my bike it is about ready, took it for a long ride around the neighborhood and it ran really well, little bit of 4 stroking but I think that is just because I over did it with the oil fuel mixture.
    Today I shall take it for a ride to work and see how it goes.
    Will post some pictures if I make it to the office. :sweatdrop:
  15. Rockspider99

    Rockspider99 Member

    Okay so My ride to work went well :grin5: Still a bit of 4 stroking but not as bad as it was.
    Balance feels much better now that the motor is lower.
    Also made up a second chain guide to stop the chain from hitting the one down bar of the frame when going over bumps. Chomps through the frame like a saw. Loctite working well to keeps bolts nice and tight.
    Here are some pics of the changed build.