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Discussion in 'Rack Mounted Engines' started by shawnshank, Oct 11, 2008.

  1. shawnshank

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    I live in a college town and bicycle theft is a real concern. Does anyone have any creative ideas for securing a rack mounted motor? I can envision someone just loosening the bolts and wealking off with my motor if I don't secure it in some way.

  2. kerf

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    I understand your concerns as I also am very security conscious but it is far too easy to steal the whole bike. Removing the drive unit will require tools, if you're gonna have tools, why not a bolt cutter and take the whole thing?
  3. shawnshank

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    Well I have some good bike locks, It's the engine I'm concerned about.
  4. kerf

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    Keep mine locked inside always, store yours outside, you gonna be walk'n.
  5. fetor56

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    Good advice & as usual....TRUST NO-ONE.
  6. 5-7HEAVEN

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    Shawn, for some reason, people around here like to steal bicycle seats and stems. Sooo, I bought a thin 45" cable with 4-pin lock for $10 at the bike shop to secure my seat. I was grateful the cable was long enough to wrap around where the engine mates to the Staton chain gearbox, loop thru the seat and through the bike's main frame.

    That's to deter the opportunist. For the hard-core thief, replace the thin cable with standard bike cable.

    Right now, I just looped my moped chain where the engine mates to the Staton chain drive and secured it to the bike's chainstay frame. With a case-hardened chain long enough to reach the main frame, that'd be totally secured. The thief would have to saw through both chain stays AND that main vertical bar, then unbolt all the brackets to remove the engine and drive assembly.

    Now he'll just have to steal the whole bike.:rolleyes:
  7. Happy Valley

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    Heh, my 'ol dad used to say 'locks are used to keep honest people out".

    On a biking I forum I visit someone asked for recommendations on what he should purchase to keep his bike safe at work after his short commute. Among the numerous snarky answers, the funniest was "a beater bike and leave the good one home".

    It is a concern. Motorizing a bike adds attention to it for sure. A member here posted about his MB stolen at work and it was locked in the employee compound. He surmised it was another employee.

    With carbide edged, long handled bolt cutters, just about any chain or cable can be parted.

    When I go out I have a couple of coil cables and a couple of good padlocks in my tool bag. Shopping in a store, at an appointment, or other short term stops, I use one or both depending on the situation and setting. I pretty much always wrap a loop through the drive parts.

    At work or at home, I bring the bikes inside.
  8. stude13

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    attach one pit bull
  9. astring

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    I keep mine inside at home. At work I have a closet that locks. It does bug me to go into that store though, I always think someone i messing with it.
  10. kerf

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    I have yet to find a bike lock that will deter a determined thief with a few basic burglar tools. What he will need is seclusion and darkness, both I would think would be lacking outside a business. Your back yard at 2 AM is another matter. The pit bull or any kind of barking dog would fit nicely there. That being said, I've always found keeping your stuff out of sight, behind locked doors is best. Nothing is foolproof but if they don't know it's there, you're better off.
  11. Happy Valley

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    Too soon old and too late smart.
    We've had 3 bikes stolen from out front of our business which is on a busy Main St.; 2 were ours, one a customers.
    My son stopped by one day long enough to say Hi and grab a cold drink, literally 5 minutes, left his bike unlocked in the rack in front. Gone.
    The customer lost a good bike, lock chain cut clean.
    My wife had her bike in the company van parked directly in front, yep locked...except for the rear doors.
    Opportunists thieves have that sixth sense.
  12. kerf

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    They are among us no doubt fueled by the Godless welfare society liberalism has bestowed upon our nation.

    There I go again, a little misguided man with a sense of empowerment, enhanced by argumentative trolling while taking and giving little back.

    I truly apologize.
  13. Happy Valley

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    Well, if the shoe fits.....LOL

    Since the comments cross-posted were mine I'm tempted to respond by saying no need to apologize since they were not directed your way, in fact IMO you've added much value to the info here, but it's a temptation I'll relent since I know the reply was said tounge-in-cheek.
  14. kerf

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    I,m just happy to be here.
    I don't like to leave my bike anywhere I can,t see it, locked though it will be. Couple of weeks ago, lost my muffler in the middle of a busy thoroughfare at 5:45 AM. Parked the bike quickly and ran a block back to retrieve it. I watched the bike intently, knowing if someone grabbed it, I could "reach out and touch them" if necessary. Thank God it didn't come to that.
  15. beast775

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    locking your bike

    well i just snapped a few photos of the bike and i laughed at how i have to lock it.and i cover it with three tarpaulins,there very noisey.i think you would need a tree faller and a couple of 6 ft bolt cutters flashlight couple of people to help also.plus a guy coming outside with a 3 cell maglight.:shock:,btw lots of upgrades to this ride all led lights now.after 118 hrs run time on battery it went from 13.9 to 12.0 in 2 weeks not bad.and my lighting is very bright.

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  16. Eco Speeder

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    Depends where you are leaving it and for how long. There really is now way to stop somebody from taking parts off the bike if left out overnight.
  17. astring

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  18. Eco Speeder

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    ---There are bike thieving dirtbags of all stripes and classes roaming around.
  19. Mountainman

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    on your rack mount

    where the bolts attach through -- spot weld at the end of bolt threads
    just a tack at the end of each bolt
    if ever needed to remove -- you can cut the end of the bolts off -- fairly easy
    tack weld on ends still leaves room to move and adjust bolts (rack)

    I also want to keep my motor -- makes it best when I wish to

    RIDE THAT THING Mountainman
  20. Eco Speeder

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    A true and creative idea. But some dirtbags out there will vandalize a thing in frustration over not be able to steal it.