Rag Joint nightmare

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    So I installed my DAX 70cc kit just fine, but te rag joint is killing me. I can't get it to not wobble for anything. The chain won't stay on for anything as a result. I am going crazy here. No matter how I adjust it, it just won't work. I was thinking about purchasing the Maniac Mechanic sprocket adapter kit.
    What do you folks think of them, or is there something else I can do short of a jackshaft?

    Thanks for your time!


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    Get the ..MM Sprocket and Adapter...best thing you will ever buy for your bike..
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    How much does the sprocket move side-to-side and how much is it out of true? Side-to-side, you can get away with about 4-5mm. If that's all the variance you've got, more likely you need to re-position your tensioner more accurately. My sprocket moves side-to-side about 5mm and gave me a fair bit of trouble for a while. Careful fine adjustment of the roller solved it.
    If it's out of true too much, a spring tensioner will probably help. (I just posted a reply in your other thread on this subject...).
    ... Steve
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    my sprocket moved a little side to side when it was new. after riding it for awhile, it seems like the chain may have straightened the sprocket because now there is hardly any wobble in it if any. I replaced the stock lock-nuts, bolts & washers with some higher quality hardened ones, and i used blue loc-tite on them.
    I don't even run the chain tensioner, and my chain has never come off while riding.
    The rag joint is not the best engineered idea, but... you can get it to work with some patience.
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    If you are already having trouble with a Thats dax part it wont get any better.
    Cheap parts mean failures .
    Get the Manic Mechanic adapter, his sprocket and a number 41 chain.

    Lately I have been throwing away some newly ordered thats dax parts.
    This never happened before.
    He is usually sold out of the good stuff anyway.
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    and thats no kidding
  7. I finally chunked the outside half of the ragg joint...the dog likes his new toy! I was using the tensioner to keep the chain lined up then it finally stripped (this one has the bolt molded into it). I have been told by pretty reliable folks that the half moon metal to metal against the spokes is gonna eat them. This bike is my test run to try stuff out on so we'll see the thing is perfectly true now that I know and the chain ain't jumpin off no more either. This tensioner issue has made me do a lot more pre-trip inspection than my lazy self would normally and watching the spokes now will too. Have fun out there and be safe!