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Discussion in '2-Stroke Engines' started by MrHungwell94, Jun 7, 2015.

  1. MrHungwell94

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    My setup has a very quick acceleration and the power band is definitely on the low end. My problem is that it is impossible to hold the power band as it wants to keep on accelerating to where the ride be comes uncomfortable from vibration ( my ride doesn't start to raddle until after about 25 mph, becomes unbearable at 30+) letting off the gas and holding it about halfway once up to my desired cruising speed (20-25mph) does work, but I am almlost certain by the noise it is four stroking the whole time when I do this. I give it more gas and the 4 stroking stops but again the vibration... If it didn't rattle so much, I'd just ride WOT and not have a problem, but instead it seems best for me to ride in " bursts" much like riding a 2 stroke dirt bike...brap brap brap brap lol
    My motor seems to run best when climbing hills. I can really open the throttle up and feel its power with no four stroking or bogging at all, and it has no problem pulling me up long and steep hills, so long as its not from a dead stop. (I am only 130lbs) The only modifications I have done is removing the small portion of piston that blocks the intake and lowering the needle for a more lean mixture to compensate for the piston modification.
    Anyway I'm running a 40 tooth sprocket and was thinking about down sizing to a 36 to raise the power band a bit, though I might have to start pedaling a bit up hills :/ I have never experimented with carb jetting so that would be a whole new area for me..
    Anyway I'm basically looking to raise my power band to take from my low end to give to my high end. I am not trying to go crazy fast I just want to be able to feel the power band at a higher rpm rather than where it is now, right after take off. Any ideas?

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    sounds like the pre-2012 bone-shaker crankshafts - make sure engine mounts are tight & live with it

    back then, I used to recommend only riding in the 'sweet spot' of about 20 - 25mph where the bike is smooth & you're not shaking the main bearings to death
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    Do you know a reliable vendor for a balanced crankshaft? I was also thinking of replacing the bearings I heard that helps. My motor mount is very solid
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    the work to replace the shaft is hard - I'd recommend just picking up a whole motor if you can't deal with the one you have

    everyone used those old motors for many years before the balanced ones became available (read old threads here)
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    click on my signature link and read my recommendations for porting for more speed