Raleigh RM1 spokes

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    Hi Everyone, I have just discovered this forum and iam hoping you guys can help...
    Iam presently restoring a Raleigh RM1,it's in good overall condition but the wheels need re-built.I have completed the front wheel without any problems but the rear is causing problems.
    Wheel size is 26 X 2.0 with 40 spokes in 4 cross pattern (262mm long),but they are single butted and 12g at the elbow and 14g at the nipple I THINK!
    I have measured at the elbow 0.106"-2.69mm is this 12G??????
    My LBS doesn't supply anything like this and a local "specialist" states that Raleigh never made spokes that heavy !!!!!!
    I have already purchased DT Swiss Apline III which are 13g at the elbow(2.43mm) at the elbow, you would think these are fine but they rattle like a pea in a tin at the hub end.
    So does anyone know where i could source the correct spoke preferably in S/Steel.
    Any ideas

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    If you were here in the States, I'd recommend contacting the Wheelmaster: http://www.thewheelmaster.com/ . But I'm not sure that will help you over there.