Ram Air System! Easy to make. :)

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  1. Joely Poely

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    Check out what I made the other day. Its easy to make and it does add some ponies to your motor. Tell me what you think and also suggestions on how to improve it. Maybe a supercharger...have you seen those induction electric motors used in remote control jets? Just ideas. :)



    Here's the link to the video of how I created the Ram Air System
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  2. Al.Fisherman

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  3. Joely Poely

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    Low end grunt picked up a little bit making takes off's feel more linear versus jerky. The real noticeable differences was at top speed where the engine revved freely and didn't feel like it was studdering because the carb was searching or starving for air. I would say it picked up about 3-5mph more on the top end.
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    Thanks..although I'm not looking for speed (20 is fast enough) but for a smother throttle response.
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    ram air idea

    I did see awhile ago that a fellow acutely rotated the engine block 180 degrees so he could make a cone that would directly force air into the motor.

    If your idea really helps it will be the least expensive way to get more power I have seen yet. All I did to my carb was to drill four more holes in the black cap to let more air in.

  6. Joely Poely

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    Im still going to add a tube to connect to what I have already installed that runs along the top tub of the frame to the front of the bike to put a air scoop to catch more air. Im trying to think of a way to some how cause a venturi effect in the air entering the Ram Air system that would cause a "twister" type effect in the air entering causing the air to travel faster to the carb.

    I still need to do the muffler modification to make it less restrictive to the exhaust coming out.

    I really want to try to make a super charger with a remote control airplane air duct motor. I think it would be easy to make. I have a ton of RC stuff, minus the air duct motor. :grin5:
  7. Joely Poely

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    Too bad the carb doesn't have more adjustments. The carb's on my remote control cars have a low/mid/high end needles. Plus those RC engines, you can port the piston sleeve, and swap out tuned exhaust pipes.

    I just wonder how far we can go with these gas bike engines before it throws a connector rod haha :idea: