Ram Air / Turbo.....On Dax 70

Discussion in 'Performance Mods' started by andyinchville1, Aug 19, 2007.

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  1. HI all,

    Just sitting around thinking about how to get a few more MPH and was wondering if anybody has tried to make a Ram Air setup for our bikes....I figure
    the hardest part would be to make an adapter for the carb and angle a somewhat larger pipe (i'e. Funnel) facing forward so the speed of the bike would force more air into the engine.....

    Also, (this may be drastic overkill) ....how about taking a blower (i.e. leaf blower) and duct the output of it to the Carb (again the only really difficult fart would be the connection to the carb)....for some serious boost?....My back pach blower can put out some serious air but more realistically I was thinking of a smaller hand held blower....

    Any reason why this may or may not work?.....I know it mat blow alot of gas out the tailpipe huh?


  2. Oops just noted a post on a ram air...BUT none for a Leafblower "Turbo"
  3. gone_fishin

    gone_fishin Guest

    you have to take a closer look at the happy-time to realize these extreme tweaks will only blow 'em up...good theory, tho, for a decent pocketbike engine i would think.

    how about...electric rear hub to charge a backpack with a vacuum set to reverse...maybe you could even realize enough boost in power to almost offset the extra weight...i'm joking with ya.

    please, just don't start another new topic about "dustbuster" ram-air :p
  4. Or :D how about one of those very small gas powered 1000 watt or so generators powering two electric motors that are wheel mounted for a gas-electric 2wd bike.
  5. Herrmanator8

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    i think a leaf blower of any kind is a little overkill...i run a 12V computer fan in my intake but crank in about 15 volts for extra air. My air filter system channels rushing air down the intake pipe and the fan speeds up the airflow. the whole system is unnecessarry, but i like to think that it has some effect. i actually think it gives it a leaner fuel mixture, so i crank up the idle to get more gas. therefore wasting more gas during idle. Irrelevent: my friend broke my throttle line, need to get a new one. gonna clean it up and sell it. ive had my share of maintnence and repair daily.

  6. Hmmm 12 volt computer fan?....I wonder if it is pushing sufficient CFM's (Cubic feet per minute) to make boost on a 70 (approx) CC engine at say 6000 RPM?....I know there must be formulas to determine the number of CFM of air our engines are using at approx redline.....Have to be able to push in more CFM than the engine is needing to achieve any benefit.....I'm not sure about the leaning out aspect though but that is a good point...I was under the assumption that the fuel was sucked out of the bowl as a result of airflow so more airflow equals more fuel flow?...Hmmm maybe up to a point....I guess the designers had no idea I might want to put a blower on their engine!....I'll have to ask a local mechanic how a normal gasoline car is turbo'd (has to be a carb tho) and if they run into lean out problems....Of course it is 2 cycle vs 4 so even he may not know?
    Anybody else out there that may definitely know....I have a small leaf blower rearing to go!
  7. FWIW a mechanic friend of mine said that in order for the blower idea to work the fuel pressure would have to be made greater than the boost pressure or at least equal in order to maintain the proper air/fuel ratios....I suppose an electric fuel pump would have to be implemented to make the blower idea work BUT then I suggested running 1/2 the air from the blower INTO the fuel tank and the other
    1/2 into the carb....He thought that would work....
  8. gone_fishin

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    he's gonna blow one up...i just know he's not gonna be satisfied until he blows one up :roll: :lol:

    take lots of pics, andrew ;) :lol:
  9. azbill

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    video would be better !!! :roll:
    the big bang always looks good on vid :lol:
  10. Yeah that way we can live vicarously through you, well laugh at your pain anyway.
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  11. turbo/chaos

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    iv seen side mount intakes that are a 90 degre bend and your better off getting a $30 vacume from walmart the really lil one take the motor out it should cram more down the carb but let me mind you that your gas has to mix and has to be mixed right so your on your own on that one man

    but you better build up your mounts if you are going to do that
    trust me broken mounts are a pain to deal with its just the faster you go the more vibration you get so ther
  12. gone_fishin

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