Ran across a mini crotch rocket motor (400W, 36V, 14.5A), wondering what to do w/ it.

Discussion in 'Electric Bicycles' started by sparky, Mar 18, 2013.

  1. sparky

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    I'm guessing the first thing to do is test it.

    It's actually still on the non-working, pocket crotch rocket. Plugging it in, I seem to get a sulfur smell after several hours.

    I actually got two of these, but one is actually a "mini chopper" instead of mini crotch rocket. I'm almost sure the chopper just has a bad battery, as the Low battery light didn't come on at all yesterday, but now it's at least registering as low.

    I'm just not sure with the crotch rocket one and this smell. Thinking I'd be better off just taking this motor and putting it on a REAL bike, eh? One with pedals and such. :cool:

    Any way to test a 36V motor without wiring three 12v batteries in series??

  2. bromoto

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    I searched your question through google and through yahoo. seems like that would be the only way testing it through three 12v batteries or six 6volt batteries in series. I know this isnt alot of advice but I hope it works.

    good luck, and keep us posted on the outcome.

  3. sparky

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    Unfortunately, I sold them. :(

    They were both taking up too much space here... and I'd have felt bad to just scrap the bikes after harvesting them of their motors and such. So I just sold them for $10 more than I paid. I'm almost positive that some new batteries would have them both running.... but didn't want to mess with it if it wasn't.

    Could have just tested them with 3 car batteries, but I've got too many other projects to deal with...
  4. bromoto

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    No worries, totally understand about having too many projects. Well good luck on Future builds!
  5. DrkAngel

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    Motors were most likely "brush"? (2 wires to motor)
    6V, 12V, 24V, 36V, 48V etc., direct to motor wires will run-test motor.

    Brushless, 3 wires (or more) to motor requires >30V - <42V, through working controller, to motor.