Bike Security Ran across this alarm switch earlier today...

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  1. loquin

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    It looks as if it would be very useful.

    First, it's quite small - 15mm x 25mm x 130mm, or about 5/8 inch by 1 inch by 1-1/4 inch.

    Tie it in to an electric horn circuit, using a hidden switch(or a key-switch,) and you've got your horn going off when the unit is tipped by more than about 12 degrees in any direction.

    I've searched for resellers, but haven't found any yet in the States. In Germany, they appear to be selling for about 5.5 euros.

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  2. AussieSteve

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    Good size. I thought about making one with a mercury switch, but it couldn't have been as small by a long shot.

    It can only switch a maximum of 1A though, (12W at 12V), so choice of horn would be important.

    A pity they don't sell singly, only £200 worth at a time.
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