Ran out of gas for the first time yesterday.

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by bmoody, Jul 15, 2008.

  1. bmoody

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    My legs are feeling the pain this morning. lol.

    on the brightside, only a few more days left till the jackshaft kit comes out!

  2. TWalker

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    Me too, luckily I had just bought my 4 stroke and I was uphill from the gas station. I rolled down filled er up for 89 cents and left the SUVs at the pump!
  3. az cra-z

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    Laughing maniacally, I hope!!
  4. I was so sarcastic today. Today I pulled up at the pump and looked at what the last person purchased. Then I said out loud "SIXTY DOLLARS FOR ONLY FIFTEEN POINT THREE GALLONS HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!"
    I was at the Safeway yet so with the 3 cent a gallon discount gas was just under 4 bucks a gallon and I said "ONE DOLLAR ON 5 PLEASE. AND HERE'S MY PHONE NUMBER FOR MY DISCOUNT!" Then the guy behind me was like "THAT'S NOT EVEN A PENNY!! YOU WANT A PENNY? HERE!!"
    And he hands it to me. Then I said. "I think you may need this more than me" and I handed it back and he took it!
    It was special. Were talking beyond Kodak moment here. This was a MotoredBike moment.
  5. SimpleSimon

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    Ha! LF, I friggin'love you!
  6. bmoody

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    I was going to stop at a gas station but i didnt want to just mix a half gallon in the tank. So i toughed it out and biked a few miles home. went and mixed up some 93 octane last night. runs like a top.
  7. TWalker

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    I think I was just smiling and thinking>>> suckers<<< as I pulled away
  8. Happy Time Owners: Used to be I would lug my one gallon container with my mix already inside (I use 6oz of 2 stroke oil to a gallon) to the gas station,fill up and use that to fill my tank.
    Now I fill up my Happy Time at the gas station.
    Get like an old BINGO dauber,a medicine bottle that holds liquid,ANYTHING small that has a water tight lid and holds liquid. One dollar in gas is about 1/4 of a gallon. 1/4 of a gallon believe it or not fills up your tank to about 3/4.
    Put 1.5 oz in that bottle (or whatever amount you use. One dollar right now is 1/4 gallon so 1/4 of what you use) and keep it in your tool pouch. You can keep more bottles if you like. I always have at least two in my tool pouch.
    When you're down to less than 1/4 tank get over to the gas station and give that man a dollar! Pour the bottle down your tank so people watching you HARD will think that's something SPECIAL. Then put that dollar's worth of gas in your tank and swish your bike around. Then ride away a HERO.
    I find this way easier than mixing at home and leaving your gas in your house where your son may use it for their car because he has no gas wahhh not knowing this gas is premix.
  9. stude13

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    hi guys, you can burn down your motor by letting it run dry.
  10. eljefino

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    I do like LF. Gas stations are way too much fun to drag my 5 gallon can down in my truck for home mixing. Have used baby food jars but presently use an old 10w30 motor oil quart bottle with my couple ounces of oil. (This way I can discard the bottle without guilt; I kind of like having baby food jars around.)

    I'm sure there's someone who thinks I'm running 4-stroke oil as pre-mix if they read the label... ignoring the fact that I'm pouring greenish-blue oil when 4-stroke oil is a light amber.

    It's tempting to drain the hose when done into one's oil vessel to help rinse it all out. Draining the hose actually adds a substantial quantity percentage wise to our small tanks. :)