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    Hi, all

    I'm the guy who started the recumbent thread with my home built, 30cc Ryobi on a Rans Tailwind recumbent. I've been riding the bike for almost 2 years now and it's been a real joy.

    I thought I should update my posting so everyone knows how reliable and durable and practical the MB can be, especially a recumbent!

    Last year, I switched to a Subaru/Robin EH035 4 stroke engine for more power and less noise and it's been a major improvement. Also, I bought a friction kit from Bike Motor Parts so the bike is no longer as home made as it used to be. I still had to make several changes and enhancements because of the recumbent's unique design.

    I also built a bike trailer from scratch and a 'hitch' for the bike. I can say more about that if anyone is interested.

    Anyway, I've got 2,000 miles on this bike and I ride it whenever the weather is dry. The only problem has been a flat tire or two. No engine trouble and no friction drive problems. I use the 1" drive spindle and get about 30 MPH and about 180 MPG. It climbs hills well. You just can't beat the comfort of the recumbent. With the motor on it, it's the best transportation I've seen!

    I'm attaching pictures of the latest iteration. The pictures show how I attach my metal detector to the bike so I can go treasure hunting (another hobby).

    My only thought is that I wish I had a 26" rear wheel so I could try the belt drive kits. Most kits seem to require the 26" wheel. This would allow me to MB in the wet weather. If I were doing it again, I'd start with a recumbent that has a 26" rear wheel.

    Happy MB to all!

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    Thanks for the link! It looks promising. I thought about cutting and welding but I didn't want to mess up the bike.
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    Well, the GEBE website doesn`t specify which "24 in", but it does say that it`s for 24 and 26. Any chance you could bum a 24 incher from somewhere to see if it fits your bike? Brakes would be tough to solve, but you might be able to rig up a sidepull back there.

    Also, nice looking setup! That little Subaru and your Tailwind look very happy together.
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    I measured and don't have room. There's about 1/2" of clearance between the tire and the rear swing arm with the stock 20" wheel/tire.

    The BMP kit and the Subaru have been flawless so far in 2,000 miles of use over almost 2 years. I'm very happy with it all.

    I've read posts from others here that the friction drive works for them in the rain but that has not been my experience at all. If I even go through a puddle of water, I'm slipping like crazy until the tire dries out.

    I've tried different tires with no change. The drive spindle is the stock steel one and I read somewhere here that the rubber one is even worse in the rain.

    I've considered setting up my 26" mountain bike with a GEBE belt drive kit and using it in the rain...

    Thanks again!
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    Won`t fit? Perfect excuse to add a bike to the stable :D
    V2 with GEBE!