Rans V2 Electrifide

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    Hey! I just made the pedaling much easier, took the hills right off the map.:grin5: I had to do it, bad knees..I still pedal with it , doesen't feel right if I don't pedal to some degree.. The kit is a WE 36v, 12ah, 50amp controller, 600w motor.. I have just 20 miles on it, so don't have a lot to tell about the performance.. Everything thing seems to work as it should.. I am told I could go to 48v with this set up if I wanted.. The batterys were supposed to be mounted on a rack over the back wheel, but I cut the struts off the rack so I could use it to mount the batterys down low .. If you guys have any sugestions about my set up ,:idea: please let me know.. What I know about electic component is very limited.. Bill

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  2. srdavo

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    Looks like a mighty comfy ride.
  3. vegaspaddy

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    looking good there rear engine, i hope you have only the two bikes around, because once you start motoring these things you cant stop !!!!!!!