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    As many have probably noticed, i'm one of those pesky college kids.

    Turns out its finals week. I have 3 exams total for the week. The 4th class had a project that was turned in on the last day. 2 of these were taken care of on the first day. I now have the wonderful opportunity to take my time on the studying.

    I have some free time and figured people would want to get together and have some fun before everybody goes home for break. Not so. Everybody silently leaves without saying good bye or happy thanksgiving. Now i'm stuck here with nothing to do and 1 test to take.

    Easy right? All the questions are off of the sample exam with changed numbers. On the last day, we were told that we would be given at the very least, some examples with the solutions given.

    No examples..... ok we still have the practice. None of the examples in the sad excuse for a text book are vaguely similar. Grumble grumble....

    Welp, I should be in bed so I can take this in the morning at 8 am. At least it will be 20 degrees and snowing so i won't be temped to bask in the sunlight. I'm really nervous about this test and can't sleep.

    After packing all of my stress into one day, I could go for some unwinding tomorrow. But everybody left. A few of my friends will be staying, but for some reason are either working 4 jobs, or are busy doing who knows what. :confused: . I don't know if they are avoiding me or are just fed up with everybody as I am.

    My parents want me to go home, but I don't really want to. Very little of my stuff is at home, and my bed etc are here. Only a few of my high school buddies will be around.

    I have no decent job. My buddy got the engineering internship I was supposed to get for this summer and fall. I shouldn't be mad as we had both worked there before and I had made quite a fuss when I left (due to being informed last minute that they didn't know i wanted to come).They were supposed to hire two. A while later, nobody bought cars and the economy tanked. :surrender: There goes the need for automatic transmission parts

    Now I don't do drugs or drink or anything, so in a college town i'm left with little to do. I could go to the target range, but AK-47 bullets are a lot more expensive than they used to be. I tend to go against the norm and actually try to hit targets at a distance and not spraying down range.

    it's not as much fun by yourself either.

    The good news is that I'm supposed to be trading my '92 Camaro RS for an '86 Mustang LX w/ convertible top.

    I hate to see it go, but everything breaks anytime I go to fix something. It's a downhill battle and i don't have the money or space to work on it. Its at home with my parents collecting dust and my dads heart.

    The mustang has power everything, the nice seats. Supposedly the body is in great shape but i have my doubts. Either way, it's in better condition. V6 though :( .

    This deal is from my high school buddy that randomly decided to join the marines. He went to high perf. auto school and has always been hot rodding stuff. He says the mustang is really good as is and doesn't want to mess with it as everything works. He needs a project so off goes my Camaro for a straight 1 to 1 trade.

    More good news! I fixed my apartment and very leaky windows so that my electric bill is a lot lower. I can lower the heat in the other rooms and hide in the bedroom with my computer and the heat up. No wearing 3 sweatshirts inside this year!

    whew, that was long. i had to get it off my shoulders.

    Comments are appreciated but not necessary.

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    Thanks, man.

    Those of us "of a certain age" look back on those college days with longing. It's helpful, a bit, to be reminded that it could also be boring (on occasion) and lonely.

    One day you'll be looking back with nostalgia. Keep this in mind then.

    Maybe you ought to go home. Yes, it's boring. but you're gonna be bored anyway and this would at least make your folks feel a bit better.
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    Deleted posts

    I have deleted a number of posts in this thread at request of one of the members who made some of the posts. This is because things were getting political. Let's keep things from getting that way again. :hammer:
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    Sounds like you are having a normal college experience. The sacrifices and challenges you are facing are not unusual. It'll all be worth it in the end once you graduate and your career gets started.

    As for ammo for your AK-47. http://www.ammoman.com/index.htm has some of the cheapest prices on steel polymer coated rounds that I can for certain tell you work well in rifles that fire that particular round.
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