Sprockets Rare Bicycle Sprocket ?

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    JOE GARZA New Member

    Need info on the following sprocket (1/2" pitch).


    I believe that A.S.& CO. would be for Schwinn bicycles, not sure
    what model or year.

    Also have Schwinn illustrated bicycles & parts catalog (no year) .
    Mens Deluxe model designated as B-6, is their latest which is pre-
    phantom which I guess would make this book around 1949.not sure !

    Found these items in great condition at my local "flea market". Paid $20.
    Yes I know ! I know !

    I'm new to this web and posting images.let me know if you see it, if not
    give me some info on how...

    Another time, I found a bicycle bell or ding-dong, with Schwinn inscribed
    on the top. It's well made metal, looks good on my '53 Phantom. ($5)

    (clarification) The letters A.S.& CO are actually cut in the sprocket around the
    crank & not to be confused with a stamp mark "schwinn Approved" which they
    placed on most of their products.

    Later !
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  2. Esteban

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    That = " Arnold Schwinn & Co. " Not sure of date ,, but I am surprised it is not a skip-tooth.

    JOE GARZA New Member

    Upon closer look in Schwinn catalog (circa 1940's) ... found it !

    Schwinn offered this Model W3MFC, in 21" and 23" frame sizes.
    This is what they offered," New World Lightweight"…equipped to satisfy
    the most discriminating adult interested in foreign style equipment".
    Wheels & tire: 26"x 1 1/4" size. 1/2" pitch roller.

    All the other models are the heavy-balloon tire w/tank & 1" pitch.

    This lightweight model looks like a modern speed bike. Which is unusual
    for the time period, the Phantom hadn't been made yet, except for the B-6.
  4. Esteban

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    GREAT DEAL. It looks to be in great shape, to. I would wrap that up is an oily rag, & keep it. Unless you can turn a good profit on it. There are a couple of Schwinn forums that would love to see it.

    JOE GARZA New Member

    Schwinn Sprocket

    What are the specific wording of the other Schwinn forums so I can
    post what I have ?
    Thanks !
  6. Esteban

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