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  1. Quenton Guenther

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    1948 Schwinn WZ/S4 bicycle.

    Built by Schwinn for the Whizzer motor. ORIGINAL!!!!! not restored.

    Rebuilt "H" motor.

    99 points at last show [possible 100].

    All replacement parts are 100% correct and most are NOS.

    Motor rebuilt with NOS parts.

    120 guage spokes, S-2 rims, all bearings serviced. Rear HD New Departure coaster hub rebuilt. Coaster hub correct for 120 guage spokes.

    Has special brake arm extension and welded mount used on the WZ/S4 series Schwinn.

    Original seat re-covered.

    All bolts, nuts, & washers correct [square nuts, etc].

    HD front springer [HD spring is NOS].

    Skip tooth chain.

    Original belt & chain guard included.

    Original Schwinn front brake [rebuilt] with correct lever.

    Vintage Carlisle 26 X 2.125 whitewall tires [perfect condition]

    Rear drop stand & clip

    Original clutch [new bearing], motor mounts, throttle & compression control.

    This bike is one of a kind because it is just like it should be after 62 years of use. Not restored [a bike can be restored hundreds of times, but is original only once].

    All moving parts, bearings, grease, & motor completely rebuilt, but maintained original status.

    This is much better than a "barn find" because it is ready to ride for thousands of miles.

    BTW I lost one point in the last show because of the electronic ignition module [replaces points for better fire], and the original points [NOS] are included with bike. Had I not told the judges it would have scored 100 points because the module is under the points cover and can't be detected.

    I will also include the correct Whizzer decals for the gas tank.

    Original Whizzers are far more valuable than a restored Whizzer.

    I ride this bike often and is one of my favorites. Need space, must go!

    Estimated value $2800.00.

    Will sell for $1800.00, with 1 year guarantee on motor.

    I doubt that more than a couple , if any, exist. It attracts more attention than any of the 20 Whizzers in my collection.

    Could really be called a "rat bike", because it is original.

    Located on the Outer Banks of North Carolina.

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  2. Quenton Guenther

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    Thanks for all the calls,

    And thanks for the offers, however $1800.00 is the botttom price.

    I have a lot more than $1800.00 invested and am taking a lost because I need the space!

    have fun,
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    Seeing as Canada has stopped allowing us to ride anything but OEM electric bikes, i was thinking why not see if i can license a Whizzer up here.
    So when i go on-line to Manitoba Public Insurance the only Whizzer they list is the 1948.
    Been looking at cflints '07 with thoughts of using it on a Helmutt frame. Originally i wanted his frame with the EZM kit which might work if i could get a serial plate?

    edit / meant to send this as a pm...oops
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    too cool!