RARE Orline/Ohllson & Rice bike motor for sale

I am selling my Orline bike motor assembly, which uses the tough Ohllson & Rice engine. These same kits were slightly modified & called " Chicken-Power " at one time. It is friction drive & runs & starts easily. Pull start w/ centrifugal clutch. Owners manual states 125mpg & I don't doubt that at all. I have seen several of these sell on E Bay for around $250. It is now on a hybrid Schwinn bike which seems to be a good combination. Lightweight & very easy to pedal with motor disengaged. It is faster on a lightweight English-type 3 speed, but roads here are a little too rough for that. It is located in Florida, & I will sell the kit for $200 [ no less ] or the whole rig for $240. Buyer pays shipping.