Rat Bikes


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12:08 AM
Oct 18, 2008
Monroe, NC
I thought I would start a thread for people to talk about Rat Bike creations.

A Rat bike is basically a bike that is functionally sound, but looks like a piece of junk, and made up of junk parts, taped up with things like duct tape, and muffler tape. Something no-one would want to steal (or would know how to steal).

Usually college kids will rat up their good bikes to keep people from wanting to steal it. If you see a bike all wrapped up in rubber tubing, chances are that it is a really nice bike underneath.

I bought a *piece* off of Craigslist for 20 bucks. Its a Huffy Stalker. It was a girl bike, but I cut the top tube, and welded it where it would be on a man's bike (clearance for the new engine as well). I ground all of the paint off, and I'm going to let it rust outside for a little while, then hit it with a little olive drab paint maybe. Maybe stick an ammo can on the back, that holds my fuel supply, big ugly lights, etc..

I'll post pictures of the project here as I go.

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1st place rat bike winner....

The guy on the forum here who strapped the handtruck with engine to the back of his bike!

Looking for a link to the picture, think he was znsanerider maybe??
That's more of a 'Rat Trailer'. :)

My wife just called and told me my 80CC just arrived from flea-bay. Monday...the engine goes on.