"Rat Rod"

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  1. Nick Danger

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    "Rat Rod" First of many.

    Finished " throwing together" a 1937 Excelsior single speed, coaster brake piece of ****. I love it because I have less than $75.00 in the whole project, minus the head and tail lights. I found the engine on Craigslist for $50.00, the rest of parts and pieces were less then $25.00. The Excelisor was in my fathers garage for last 50 yrs. that I know of $0.
    I will eventually put a disc brake on the front wheel. The "Rat" was left to look like a beat up piece so as not to get swiped. (Notice copper wire on gas line, large rusty logging chain, and old metal tool box on original book carrier)..

    I will try to get photos on this thread

    Nick Danger:detective:

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  2. 247Jude

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    nice rat

    now that is what i call a rat rod>I have a picture of a Excelsor motor bike that is in dire condition it is sweet. The second one was my first idea of a rat rod.
    the last bike is my predicessor to my current rat rod.

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  3. Nick Danger

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    Where did you find the Excelsior?

    I would love to make a Rat Rod out of it.

    Nick D.
  4. beast775

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    just plain and simple,the yellow hose will be good for reflecting anything.:cool2:
  5. Dr. Doom

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    looks tough as a tank. Glad to see the wheels looking healthy too
  6. coax1ogsking

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    Hellz yea, I like both bikes. VERY old school & cool.