Ratcheting timing belt pulley?

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by jawnn, Sep 25, 2014.

  1. jawnn

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    Do you know where I can get a small ratcheting pulley with ridges for timing belts? I need to use one on the motor with a rem pulley on the wheel.

    Are there different kinds?





  2. jawnn

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    No idea?? well it does not need to be fro a trapezoid belt. just a regular timing belt will do.
  3. jawnn

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    That is odd, I thought for sure that people here would be using ratcheting pulleys here.

    So I have to make one some how then.....:annoyed:
  4. darwin

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    Check out GEBE's site, their's might match what you want........golden eagle bicycle engine[?]
  5. jawnn

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    This is the kind of thing I need, I will have to weld the right kind of pulley onto it. It is a One-Way Locking Clutch Bearing.... every one here should be aware of these devices.

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