RATE YOUR VENDOR (time has come)


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Jun 15, 2008
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Well - this may hurt a few - but - think it's time for a TRUE RATING OF YOUR VENDOR OR VENDORS USED...

This should be of much help for those - who are just not sure where to buy


Happy Rating from - Mountainman
product ---------- B+
phone service ---- D+
e-mail service ---- D-
shipping time ----- B

Spooky Tooth
product ---------- C
phone service ---- D
shipping time ----- B

Disclaimer --
this is just from my experiences with the above to date
hopefully not only the above
but - also other MB vendors -- EVEN THOUGH VERY BUSY
will improve their services in the near future....

Ride That Thing - Mountainman
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Golden Eagle Bike Engine
Service A
Product A
shipping A- (they do not combine items on shipping price but they put them in the same package)
overall support after the sale (help with install and problems that crop up) A+++

You are definitely NOT on you own with the Golden Eagle system. The thing is to be sure to measure your bike according to instructions to see if it will fit and get the 12 g wheel with the ring attached (and the long axle).
Huh?? :confused:
Did you miss the Vendor Review Forum?

Yes Forbisher -- there is a very good Vendor Review Forum
I admit - this thread possibly should not have been added
but - I have noticed
for the short time posted -- A LOT OF VIEWS..

So I am thinking - it can't hurt
and it's a good thing - to get all the information we can
regarding VENDORS...

I am not sure if most of these stories are true - hope not !!!

Just wanting to learn and share more ---

Ride That Thing - Mountainman
Golden Eagle

Golden Eagle

Product - N/A
Shipping - C
Customer Service - F
Overall - D

I was never able to actually use the product. There were also some shipping problems and horrible customer service. Feel free to view the following thread for more details on my GeBe experience:

Huh?? :confused:
Did you miss the Vendor Review Forum?

Yeah, I was looking in there earlier. That's Dax has 3 people voting it a 1. Yet they did not write a review, despite that fact that in the rules for that section:

6. Polls are public. If you vote in the poll, you must post your review in that thread. The polls are set up in a way that show who voted for what. If you voted, you must post your review in that thread. Otherwise your vote will be removed and you may be banned.

So I would take what's in the review section with a grain of salt.
At this time -- I wish not to mention any companies names

but --- notice should be taken by the unexpecting buyer

some MB businesses seem to be overwhelmed at this time
in some cases shipping my be slow
return calls and e-mails may be slow
if your order gets messed up - may not be riding for a long time

have taken notice of one serious complaint of said customer on this site
it's amazing to me - the well known company seems to be shinning him on
that is not the way that it is suppose to be done !!!!!

being a former businessman
I would expect as competition grows in the market place
customer service will improve greatly...

Ride That Thing - Mountainman
Mountainman the Vendor Area is for VENDORS to make announcements about their products.
You or any other non vendor has no right to start a thread in this area!
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We set up the vendor ratings forum for just this sort of thing. If everyone starts posting reviews left and right, the site gets more fragmented. By keeping all the reviews and the review comments in one location, it's easy to find, and easy to send someone there to look at it.

Contrary to popular belief, we don't notice everything immediately... :)

If you see where a vendor has votes but no explanation has been given, OR if there are posts, but no vote was made, let a moderator or admin know!

That way, we can fix the problem at the source, and not make the site more fragmented. In the ThatsDax vendor review, I've deleted the votes without explanations, and I've deleted the posts that were made without a vote.

I've locked this thread, and will delete it in a few days. Please, everyone who has responded, go to the vendor rating thread for the vendor in question, and give them a rating THERE.
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