Raw Engines Coming Soon!!!

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HI everyone

I will be introducing a bicycle engines in a couple of months 2-3 months for a new brand of engines called RAW. it will have full support, warranty, and all parts needed for this engine. so please bare with me as i'm working with the manufacturer to make a QUILITY and parts for all my customers needs. we are looking for distrabutors for these engines soon. if anyone is interested. please feel free to contact me at zone8trading@yahoo.com

thanks and hope to hear from you soon :???:

Sounds interesting....Any more details?...2 stroke or 4 stroke., Center mount or rack mount...Love to see some pics!

Good Luck...

Hi to everyone,

this would be a 2 stroke engine and center mount. i will also be working on the duel start which you can pull start without pedding. i will have full parts, warranty, and support. so please bare with me as i am working with my manufacturer to getting these engines and providing customers with top notch serivce.

Hello RAW

If your doing this you should atleast have one engine on hand.

Can you please post a photo.

Hi, sounds pretty exciting! If your engine lives up to your claims then you might just have fulfilled what everybody wants. When you have more information you will need to start a new thread in the vendor section with your info as this thread is just to introduce yourself.

Look forward to hearing more!


i am working on it right now with the manufacturer. as of right now i'm just selling the 48cc and 66cc with no brand. my screen name on ebay is a2zonlinedeals. please bare with me as something like this takes awhile for us so we can bring the best to our customers.

Raw -- maybe you jumped the gun here a little.. Endeavours such as this -- at many times -- take MUCH LONGER THAN EXPECTED TO GET OFF THE GROUND.. We find out at times -- THE HARD WAY -- that even though our intentions are VERY SOUND - it may be the others involved - that let us down... Can be cause for a slow, slow start.. Good Luck and Happy Riding from - Mountainman
WELCOME to MBc,RAW! Because your thread is advertising your soon to be product,I'll need to move this thread over to the Vendor forum.
Please take no offense. People that want to buy will look there.
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