Raw Motors, Rip Off??? (Resolved)

Discussion in 'Dealer Reviews' started by Hiigel, Aug 31, 2011.

  1. Hiigel

    Hiigel New Member

    Hi fellow forum members; I have a problem.

    Last Wednesday, I ordered a motor from Raw Motors. So far, I can find nothing that tells me my order has been shipped. I get a recording when I call, and no return call.

    I am sick, and riding my bike is about the only thing that helps me remain any kind of sanity through this, my second brush with cancer.

    If any one can help me find out any info about Raw Motors doing **** like this to others, or even if you've had a good experience with hem, I would like to know.

    I live on disability, and it's not much. I surely cannot take a $230.00 hit to my pocket book.

    I thank you in advance for any info you may be able to provide me.


    Gary Hiigel
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  2. Big Red

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    I'm having the same type of problem with HELIO Motorized Bicycles. Can't get anyone to return a phone call. They will answer a e-mail. Most of these guys run a electronic business and everything is done on their computer. try the e-mail thing and see what happens.
    Big Red.
  3. Hiigel

    Hiigel New Member

    Thanks Big Red, but I have about 30 e-mails into him, as well as phone calls; enough to clog his phone system.

    I don't know what else to do. Police maybe??

    Thanks, and I hope you do better than I am doing with orders.

    Riding is about my only escape from reality right now, and no motor means no riding. I am going threw withdrawals!!!

  4. Daeouse

    Daeouse Member

  5. Hiigel

    Hiigel New Member

    I contacted Fedex; they have no record of this item, but it arrived this morning.

    I retract any and everything I said, may have said, and will say in the future. I guess I just freaked out a bit when it didn't show up anywhere as shipped or in transit.

    I must say too, that this motor came with updated nuts and bolts, and everything is just fine, except me. Maybre my lung biopsy was just a dream.

    Thanks to those of you who tried to help, and those who answered my message.

  6. Hiigel

    Hiigel New Member

    Raw Motors

    Well, I got my order this pm. Still no word as to why it did not show up on Fedex's tracking system, but it got here.

    I expected the worst; a bad habit of mine. Maybe, if the lung scan turns up negative, I can cure myself of this problem.

    Thanks to those of you who responded. Motor seems fine and it has updated nuts and bolts to boot.

    Again, thanks guys,

  7. Mozenrath

    Mozenrath New Member

    So it took a little over a week then, Hiigel? I ordered a kit from them earlier this year(love it), and it took maybe a week or two. I want to order another kit from them so I can build a new bike and sell the old one, but I don't want to wait a month just to get an engine.

    Just remember to bolt your throttle to the handlebar. The plastic peg is flimsy and when it broke I almost crashed into someone's garage door!

    Also, hope everything's okay with your lung!
  8. Hiigel

    Hiigel New Member

    Raw Motors

    Yes, I got it within a week of ordering. There was never a Fedex tracking number registered, so I though I was screwed. I just have a problem of the no contact end of this; they still have not called nor e-mailed me.

    I have no problem with the motor; runs just fine, and it looks like they used upraded nuts and bolts.

    I guess I jumped the gun; a stressful time. I did write him and e-mail and apologized for it.

    Thanks for responding. Hope you get yours too.


  9. Skyliner70cc

    Skyliner70cc Active Member

    Good luck with your treatments and current bout with cancer. I strongly suggest you read this article http://www.second-opinions.co.uk/cimetidine.html

    Its a pretty good overview of cimetidine effects that are documented better elsewhere. Its not an accepted therapy because it is cheap and drug companies are unable to make thousands off of your medical condition....consequently many, but not all, doctor's dismiss it

    Interestingly enough, as an RPH with a doctor of pharmacy degree, I do dispense lots of it for vets who use it to treat melanoma successfully in horses and other animals.

    Its cheap drug, has very little side effects and has numerous case reports supporting its use as an adjuvant treatment. I'd be more than happy to review your medication profile to ensure its safe use with your current therapy as it does interact with some chemo drugs such as nitroureas and other meds.

    Good luck,
    Skyliner, Pharm.D.
  10. Al.Fisherman

    Al.Fisherman Active Member

    Looks like now you either have to buy off of EBAY, or pay with a credit card..they will refund if the company doesn't deliver the item.
  11. madcroc

    madcroc New Member

    I have a similar experience with ordering a kit from Raw motors. Waited a week after purchasing and then a stream of calls/emails later decided to file a dispute with my bank as I used a debit card. Miraculously it showed up the next day.

    Interestingly enough there is a company locally that supposedly sells the Grubee kit and makes custom bikes. I tried to call and email these folks every day for days on end, never got an answer. This lack of communication with this little niche re-seller market across the board blows my mind, something bigger has to be going on.

    Thank god there's still some good guys like Dax and Al.Fisherman out there - they balance it out a bit :)

    I found an interesting thread/post on motorbicycling.com

    Definitely agree with the last part of that post - I'd pay extra in a heart beat for a made in the USA 2 stroke especially if the casting/materials were a little better.
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  12. Al.Fisherman

    Al.Fisherman Active Member

    Thank you, I try to do the very best that I can. If your not coming through with an agreement, then better not to make one. I've always told people "the only thing I can take to my grave...my word" Written or spoken. Dang where are the days of the ole hand shake.....
  13. Hiigel

    Hiigel New Member

    Has anyone noticed that almost all of the sellers have raised their prices?? Finding a basic kit for the price I paid for my first motor, $119.00 rare. Most have gone up by 30-40- bucks, as well as an increase in the cost of parts.

    If you know of companies that still have reasonable prices, please let me, as well as everyone else, who they are. I would love to own 1000 of these motors.

    I live on disability, and have trouble affording stuff right now. I don't know what it's going to be like when they finish all the test they have planned and I begin treatment. I'll have to spend more for gas for my car, thus cutting into any money that might be needed for bike.

    I have a 60's Huffy I will be restoring this winter, and plan to install a 4 cycle motor on it. I will then use that bike for road trips, and use my good old GT Karakorum for what it was meant to be used for; off road. Can anyone sugest the best motor for the Huffy??

    Thanks for responding.

  14. Irish John

    Irish John New Member

    You don't need to retract anything Hiigel, their service is still appalling however you look at it. If they can't answer their own phone or get back to you pretty well immediately they shouldn't be conducting business. We don't need bad service and given the state of the economy I say they should be taken out and the business given to someone with common decency who is hungry for business.
    My experience of some US suppliers (some is too many) is that they are so laid back they're almost horizontal!
  15. Mozenrath

    Mozenrath New Member

    Yeah, I still think their motors are good but their service is nonexistent. Which is weird because like 6 months ago when I bought my kit, they actually answered the phone. I guess they don't do that anymore, and I think I know why. Try looking up their address on google maps. Their "location" is at a place called "Desert Inn Executive Suites". In other words, my guess is that they look to this company for a virtual office service, which means that this company acts like they're the headquarters for Raw Motors and they probably store their inventory there. Either this executive suites company sucks, or Raw Motors stopped paying to have them take their calls.

    The price of Raw Motors is getting ridiculous! Just the other day, their 80cc silver slant kit was $158, and now it's $239!!! That's insane. I like their motors, but they're not that good. I'm sure glad I got the kit when it was $139! Sadly, it looks like I probably won't be buying from them ever again if their prices are that crazy! They'd better be adding an expansion chamber and a performance air filter for that price! But they're not.
  16. Hiigel

    Hiigel New Member

    non-existance Customer Service

    Raw Motors still has not called or e-mailed me yet; it's been five days since I got my motor. If it were me, and I gave a ****, I would be all over myself trying to make it up and issue an insurance that it would not happen again. Maybe the guy just wants to rid himself from the business. If he dosen't want it, I'll take it!!

    Hard to believe a guy can keep a business going by having someone dropping by once or twice a week to ship his orders. Yes, he had the best price I could find w/0 going to e-bay or someone, but I want to know when my order will get to me. Not having any info about my order made me think I'd been screwed yet again; guess my friends have that market cornered though.

    I think I will order from someone I know will ship and who issues a tracking number.

  17. motorpsycho

    motorpsycho Active Member

    wait a minute.....
    you live on disabilty but you can ride a bike off road?
    what is your disabilty if i might ask?
  18. Big Red

    Big Red Active Member

    Raw Motors

    You all should just be thankfull you don't live in California. With the new CARB reg's it's getting very difficult to get a 2 stroke from anyone. Right now I'm paying $200.00 each from a guy that has them deliverd elsewhere, (Nevada?) Then brings them to California. The only other way I can see is to order directly from China. With shipping,($85.00,) is over the $200.00 I'm paying now.
    And hey Moto, I'm also on S.S.I. disability. A couple heart attacks and congestive heart failure, and a bunch of other stuff, is one of the reasons I went to M.B.s. I rode motorcycles all my life but now the big boy's are just TOO big for me. If I dropped one I could'nt pick it back up. I gotta get bug's in my teeth somehow, so M.B.s are my best option. Right now I still have enough left in me to pedal start a bike. When I can't do that anymore I'll figure out an electric start. I'm keeping my knees in the breeze, one way or another, till the day I die.
    Big Red.
    P.S. I don't ride "offroad", Too old, Too tore up for all that.
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  19. Mozenrath

    Mozenrath New Member

    That's awesome, Red! Ride 'til you can't ride no more!