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    Well I decided to go 2 stroke after all. I know I will want more and more and this is just a toy and lots of the fun is to tinker, mod and make your own. I think I can have more fun wi the 2 stroke and go a little more mod crazy. One other thing is looks. I'm building this new Skyhawk gt2 dual disk suspension forks and seat. Waiting on my black hula rims. Frame is white and most parts will be black with some red accents. Going way more than I wanted but its owing to be a nice ride when complete. Anyways, I really want the best 2stroke kit that has good power to start with. Was looking at the new gt6 pro racing. Any thoughts on engine and company. Also what else can/should I get to help this out? Better exhaust? Different carb/stack/filter, different cli etc... Any thoughts and suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Itchin to just get my motor ordered and start dressing this bike up.


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    bad motor

    why I think that is a bad choice
    concerning the high compression head:
    1) the stock spark timing is overly advanced to somewhat match the low compression. as you increase compression you have to retard the timing because the combustion happens faster. You will need an aftermarket CDI that can guarantee timing sufficiently retarded to match high compression.
    2) the plating on these crappy cylinders is very weak. as you increase compression you also increase combustion pressure which wears out the plating (in this case causes it to flake off) because that same pressure gets inside of the top ring and forces it outward.

    concerning the offset head:
    1) I've tested centered and offset and the centered head offers better power. why? because the flame front travels equally towards the cylinder wall for a balanced combustion. it's a shorter flame front distance to travel also for a quicker burn which always gives more power.

    concerning the NT carb:
    1) do I really have to say anything? for god's sake man it doesn't have the normal three adjustable circuits, only one!!! what cheap crap. it's impossible to tune it right for correct running at idle, mid range, and top rpm. impossible. I M P O S S I B L E

    concerning the crank:
    1) it's not balanced. it will cause excessive vibration which reduces riding pleasure, keeps you from seeing what's in your rear view mirror, and shakes all the bolts/nuts loose.
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    Thanks. This is why was asking if I should change carb? to what? Change CDI? to what? I understand the risks involved with modding some engines. Just wanted a semi decent platform to start from right out of the gate. I know this will not be my 1s and last engine. Im never satisfied and as I learn (sometimes the hard or expensive way) I will perfect it.
    If this engine is not recommended, then which one that will give me the power I am looking for to start with.
    This bike will be a short sort of bar hopper. No long crises. Just fun and a project to keep my old mind young. :)
    Thanks for all the advice.
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    I also see they have the same engine (or at least advertised) at Gasbikes, Kingsbike) I assume these are all basically the same vendor?
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    since the hardest mod (other than making your own expansion chamber) is balancing the crank I would get an engine that has that already done to it.
    then shave some metal off the head for more compression.
    then a better carb.
    then a Jaguar CDI and shave even more metal off the head.
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    Thanks Jaguar!
    got impatient and ordered it. I figured this will be my 1st build and I will learn. Figured I will break in as is and then do some mods. I ordered a different carb and expansion chamber\pipe, reed, better chain tentioner. After getting this down, then go into the more complicated mods i.e. porting, balance, your CDI etc...

    Thanks again