Raw photos ! Clutch dissassembly - yes I have the diagram

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    My clutch is squeaking with the lever engaged, I suspect the bearings on the chain sprocket side (I wrapped the chain up when an engine mount let go).

    I have the parts diagram - thank you forum ! I have put together step by step pictures of my dissassembly from the chain side, which is attached.

    I am stuck at my step 6, where I am trying to remove the sprocket. It looks to be threaded on the shaft, in the normal (clockwise to tighten) threading direction. But how the heck do you loosen it i.e. 1) what is a safe way to stop the shaft from turning, and 2) what tool could I use to grab the socket and loosen it (I don't think there is a "socket socket", is there ?).

    Yes, I know there is a 4mm ball in there I haven't gotten out yet. On inspection, it looks OK, but it isn't just rolling out - maybe there is some grease.

    I would happily continue my documentation project if there is interest, but I can't continue it unless someone helps me get the sprocket off !




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    Did you grease the three places that a clutch setup needs.

    Unless you did damage the clutch bearing try greasing it first.
    The actual clutch spring is greased by removing the bolt that holds the clutch cable end on the engine.
    Use a grease gun, I found a tube of cv joint grease that fit the hole.
    Remove the clutch disk. I use a spray on grease from wallyworld.
    Do not release the 60 or so tiny ball-bearings when you
    grease the bearings.
    Put the clutch back together. Use a bean sized blob on the gears.
    Grease the ball and pin on the chain side of the clutch.
    The clutch in my kings seems to use up grease. I ride it every day.
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    Hmm... maybe I oughta try this first...

    Thanks about the clutch puller, yes I DO have one. Didn't know what it was, or forgot about it.

    Think I should probably try greasing it first as suggested. I don't know what you mean by the "bolt that holds the cable on the engine". I have a clutch lever that drops thru a hole into the side cover - the clutch cable is attached to this clutch lever by a little cable clamp with a screw, doesn't make sense to me to grease this.

    I can grease the pin and bearing on the chain side of the clutch - yes I understand.

    As for the clutch side, I can remove the screw and "bolt" that holds on the big clutch disk. After this does the clutch disk pull out ? Is what I should grease immediately behind this disk ? I was told to be careful about greasing the clutch side, not good to get grease on the clutch.

    I also understand about the blob of grease on the clutch gears - can, and have done this in the past. Guess I should try doing it again, as it does seem to be getting a little dry.

    The only thing I would say, is that when I engage the clutch lever, the clutch disk on the right side of the engine doesn't appear to "move out" as much as it used to, when following the instructions for adjusting the clutch. I will try greasing, but just wondering if there is something else going on also...

    You guys are great - thanks


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    My fault for not being clear. number 1 is under the carb.

    Maybe you should leave number 2 alone.
    Remove the clutch disk. I use a spray on grease from wallyworld.
    Do not release the 60 or so tiny ball-bearings when you
    grease the bearings.

    The bearings are behind the clutch disk.
    Hard to get to.
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    Hey, great. I greased as described - the pin and bearing, and injected some in the hole after taking off the clutch cable holding device.

    What I found useful was a grease pin, looks like a basketball pin (to pump up a basketball) with a grease fitting on the end of it. Normally used to inject grease under a bearing seal.

    In addition to the grease points you mentioned, I was able to get some around behind the drive sprocket also - don't know if this helped - but the pin is great for getting it where you want it to go (and nowhere else!).

    Its not squeaking anymore, thanks. I went 32 miles on it today, beautiful day. What a nice ride. I think I might have turned the corner with this ride now, engine mounts good, wheels and tires good, permatex gasket on carb intake port. My only problem, a big one I think, is what I believe might be a stripped head bolt. I keep it from getting loose and just keep riding it, this fall I am going to buy a DAX motor I think.

    Problem solved, thanks again.

    As a NOOB turning into a novice, my advise for anyone with any type of bike motor but particularly frame mounts (I have a tire roller bike as a back up) is to CHECK BOLT TIGHTNESS PRIOR TO EACH RIDE.