rawr from dallas, tx... well i lied, addison tx to be technical, mate

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  1. Insignia707

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    so i'm new to the motorbike scene. what got me onto it is that my license is suspended. I checked moped laws and found out that, that was a no-no with a suspended license. I just needed something to get me to school and work. I got my motor 5 days ago... I got everything set up except for the chain.. I found that my raw 80cc kit came with a motorcycle chain... so i have to wait for the motorcycle tool to come in this upcoming fri. at first i thought there was something wrong with the motor cuz the engine didnt turn on when i flip the switch from "off " to "run" but I read that you have to peddle with the chain on the sprocket and the clutch in to get the motor to start? I hope that it'll run and I wont have any problems once i get the chain on. Anyways, what's up from dallas guys. I guess im another newbie to add to your collection.

  2. bigsugar999

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    welcome aboard...

    once setup, you're gonna love it...
  3. bluegoatwoods

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    Glad to have you join up..

    It sounds like you really are new to these. But that's okay, you've found the place to learn what you need.

    Go a little bit slowly and you'll have fun.
  4. fetor56

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    G'day man & welcome to MBc.
  5. Mountainman

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    welcome -- be careful -- driving with no license

    ride that thing
  6. Insignia707

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    thanx for the warm welcome guys, well i just put my chain on and im having trouples already. :cry::(
  7. waylow

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    Welcome to MotoredBikes.com dude. Good to see another Texan on the site.

    I am a Red Raider (Texas Tech Uni), who is now a Bobcat (Texas State Uni) just to your South, in San Marcos. I am still collecting parts to get my project rolling. It is taking a lot longer than I expected, but there will always be speed bumps along any journey that life has to offer. Best of luck, and you found a good place to learn all that you can about what you are getting into.

    Get that thing together and Ride it like you stole it!
  8. seanhan

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    Welcome !!! Fort Worth Texas here ....