Razor Mt. bike??


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Jun 2, 2008
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Ok. I'm posting this because I couldn't find another post containing anything about razors. I've got a mt bike. I'm thinking of taking the usable parts off of a Razor Pocket Bike, and affixing them to my mt bike. I'd use a sissy rack for the batteries (in a waterproof pack.) I'd affix the motor to the bottom of the frame, and weld a razor chain to the bikes sprocket that's already there, so that the motor turns the bikes original drive chain. I'd also hook up the same throttle, n whatnots off of the pocket bike. Anybody think I'm a 'tard, or have suggestions or comments? BTW, I've gone to the razor website, and you can buy the parts brand new for pretty cheap.
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Sounds like an interesting idea, but aren't the pedals going to be going the whole time with that setup?
I had a similar idea myself, quite a few months ago, when someone junked the remains of a stripped pocket bike. (motor control, motor, frame were all that was left. No throttle control, but found the stripped remains of a E300 electric scooter, which did have the throttle control.) (just no motor, batteries, or controller. Go figure?) The only stumbling block I saw, the small chain (which neither recovered devices had.), which I've seen on the bike & scooter at Toys-R-Us. Aside from going to a manufacturer, I can't seem to find a source for the chain. Not even sure if Tractor Supply Company (sorry, not plugging) would carry this for farm equipment (If any farm equipment used such a chain link size.)

The other alternative, would be replacing the sprocket of the motor, with a larger diameter, larger link chain handling, and as someone else said, link it to the lowest speed gear on the rear derailer.

The bike's range would still be limited. At most, even a 1800Ah pair of batteries would only last a few miles at best, to say nothing of the load on the speed control.. Even with a heatsink, it would be burning up the circuitry.

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