Re-bike photoshop concept

So, I'm thinking about something like this, featuring the Dax kit. I have a Re-bike, but the image is from the Staton website. No wonder they put their kit so far back, to leave room for the seat. I find sliding the seat to the middle of the frame (it's adjustable with quick release clamps), gives it a kind of suspension effect, and better handling due to more weight on the front tire.

I inherited the bike from a Dartmouth engineering school project. They had motored it already, but the motor was gone, and I replaced their altered parts not being into motored bikes at the time. I think they had an extra drive sprocket welded to the cranks. It has cantilever brakes, and a really comfy seat, but it weighs about 40lbs. Nice on the flats, but difficult uphill. The support rod might go to an existing bracket that the chain guard was attached to.
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