Re-discovered a "new" BikeBug motor in my basement

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    Hi all,

    As you may have heard in the news we just had some massive flooding here in Massachusetts. I was lucky to only have a tiny puddle in my basement, but I did have to move a bunch of boxes I hadn't touched since I bought in 1996. One of the boxes that I moved had an unused 1983 BikeBug Deluxe QMB-23N. That brought back some memories.

    I had moved a lot over the years and, back in 1983, I was living with my folks and finishing up an Associates degree on the GI Bill. I was pretty poor at the time and looking for cheap transportation. I got a mailing from AquaBug announcing a big Christmas sale. A new BikeBug w/ shroud was reduced to $89.95 plus $13.50 S&H. A spare roller was only another $12.50. Seemed like a good deal and I knew they worked pretty good since my younger brother was using one on an old bicycle. His license had been suspended for a year and a BikeBug/bicycle combo was his current transportation. My folks lived on a pretty steep hill and that BikeBug got him up that hill with only a little bit of pedaling on his part. Impressive little motor!

    Well, like a lot of people I had good intentions. I planned on mounting my new motor on a fixer-upper bicycle, and using it for my transportation. Maybe I'd race my brother. lol We were a competitive family. Instead of building out the motorized bike, I got a VW Rabbit Diesel. Much easier.

    As you can guess I never got around to the using the BikeBug motor. It's never been run and never had gas/oil mix in its tank. Now I'm close to retirement and looking for a fun project. I like modifying bicycles and was a motorcycle mechanic briefly in the 70's. I think I can figure it out.

    I almost gave the motor to my nephew, for his son's bike. He didn't know if he'd get to it so I dropped the subject. Then when I moved the box in the damp basement I decided to try to find out more about the motor kit.

    I fired up the PC and Googled "BikeBug". Amazing! These little motors fetch some pretty good money on eBay and 160 mpg in these times is not to be laughed at.

    I have two decent bicycles I could use for the project. My 20+ yr old Fuji S12-S Limited has been converted to 18 speeds. It has basic lighting, plastic fenders, a set of bags, and a rear rack. It's 3.5" fork-width matches the design of the BikeBug. But that Fuji has trap pedals, bar end shifters, and dropped bars. Not a great cruiser configuration.

    The other bike is a 10+ yr old Gary Fisher HooKooEKoo that I converted to a street bike with street tires, upright bars, and plush seat. I needed a cruiser so I could ride with my lady. Nice bike, but it has a 5.5" fork-width and front RockShoxs. That would be my first motorization choice but probably more challenging to get the BikeBug mounted.

    I know that this forum has some real guru's and I'm starting to read through the threads looking for valuable info. I'd welcome any advice or info on good threads.

    Thanks ahead of time for any responses.

    BikeBugRider (soon I hope).

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    good story but, we need pictures...

    I love rediscovering things I forgot about.
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    very cool! My good friend here is rebuilding an old barn find BB bike. They are pretty neat, and you are right about the price tag!
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    Great find ! That is the better one of the " Bike Bug " kits.
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    Thank you my friend! Mine is a little faster than a bikebug, but that is a cool setup!
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    give me vtec,

    As requested, here is a picture of the BikeBug.


    Very nice bike and a lovely young lady. I viewed the thread with 5-7Heaven's 70's Huffy Aquabug (Bike Bug) . Great info and a sweet find.

    My Dad had a non-running Whizzer in the basement back in the 50's, I used to dream about getting a ride on it, but he never got it restored. Wonder what happened to it?

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    nice!!! Thanks for the picture...

    You were serious when you said nib weren't you???

    Please keep us posted on the project... great find!!!

    Always cool to see something new... uh... that is to say something I haven't seen. Its a trip to think that thing is older than me.
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    Check out the parts to adapt engine to wider forks and vee brakes. If I were you, I WOULD install the engine on a mountain bike with front suspension.

    LOL! I'm resisting the urge to make you an offer you can't refuse.:jester:
    MUST concentrate on my own BikeBug project.

    Hawaii Ed, stop me now!!!:ack2:
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    Thanks 5-7. I'd found Mike's site when I started my search. I agree that the Fisher would be the better and more comfy bike for motorizing, and Mike's adapter isn't too expensive.

    I'll contact Mike Schneider and get more info on his adapter kit. I'd like to see a picture of it or see it attached to the front shox. He's obviously a master of these BikeBugs from his site and postings here.

    Just wondering. What do most people do about the quick release front wheel hubs? Replace them with nuts and lock washers? I'm still reading through a lot of threads so I might find that answer if I'm patient.
  10. 5-7HEAVEN

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    You're welcome. Mike will be VERY impressed with your NOS(New Old Stock) engine, as are all of us.

    Nah, just keep them as tight as they should be. I don't think it's possible to even retrofit onto solid axle and nuts. If you leave the bike parked outside, ALWAYS check to ensure that someone hasn't loosened the quick-release.

    Keep us posted! Can't wait to hear how your engine runs!
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    Bike Bug Photos - videos needed - will credit $25 on parts for video of you & bike
  12. msamigo

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    Bike Bug Brother of the Year Rev. John Moore Schulenburg Texas & Rally

    The Motorized Bicycle Company of Houston, Texas has donated one of its Bike Bug (America's Favorite Bicycle Engine) front wheel drive bicycle engine to Reverend Johnny Moore of Schulenberg, Texas and honored him as Bike Bug Brother of the Year 2011. The Bike Bug engine is mounted on a Worksman Industrial Tricycle (model ADB-3CB) with a 2' X 6' bicycle wheel trailer. The Motorized Bicycle Company's engineering staff designed and built the accompanying trailer. Their calculations and tests show the Bike Bug 1.2 horsepower engine, industrial tricycle and bicycle wheeled trailer should support 300+ lb. payloads and travel at 20+/- miles per hour and achieve 150 miles per gallon.

    During the recent MS150 bicycle event (Houston to Austin 150 miles) - four Bike Bug equipped bicyclers learned about Rev. Moore constructing a church by collecting recyclable materials with a bicycle and wagon during their stop in Columbus, Texas. They learned Rev. Moore collected the materials and hauled them to his facility. At the Church of the Heart construction site, the Preacher and parishioners sort and stack the various items into an immaculate arrangement of various items. The local good citizens of Schulenberg shop at Rev. Moore's outdoor facility and buy the various items. The proceeds are set to fund the church construction.

    We have the award during the Grand Parade All Cowboy Rodeo. More information on the Festival ingcan be found at

    Hope you Bike Buggers can join us.

    B&SITW (Brothers & Sisters In the Wind)

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    Please send a photo of your smiling face and your Bike Bug for the website. We always post our New Bike Bug Brothers In The Wind.

    Videos are even better.