Re-engineered CaliCruzer G1

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  1. Calicruzers

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    hey guys - new member here, the name is Ryan.

    So basically, we engineered everything except for the motor and bicycle itself.
    Everything else you see we engineered, and with the help of inland metals( who make the battery casings for Tesla motors) manufactured all parts here in good old California.

    It's a 49cc four stroke huasheng engine.
    We recently designed engineered and manufactured a freewheel system
    its belt driven, seven speeds, and a centrifugal clutch.

    Let me know what you think guys, my engineer would love it - Ryan from

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  2. cpuaid

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    My question is in regards to the mounting plate as it is clamped onto the down tube. Due to the curvature of the down tube itself, will the plate slide slightly up or down with a little force exerted on it? Other than that it looks like a very well engineered bike. Congrats to you and your company.
  3. Will Snow

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    I like it. I have several bikes I have put together over the years including custom dive trains. I am puting together a bike now with the same engine as you are using and deciding on a drive train. If your system was on the market I would probably go for it.

    Thanks for showing it to us, It is neat and simple.

    Will Snow

    Fresno, Ca.