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    Hello again!
    I built my bike last spring and rode most of the summer 2009 until July. I took a trip that was to be about 100 miles round trip and encountered some rough roads. I had a flat near the half way point and fixed that but lost the master link from my chain and had to call my wife to come bail me out. :( (hate when that happens) When I got home I discovered a couple of broken spokes on the rear wheel. I am a big guy and was kinda glad I did not ride further that day. The thought of going down on this thing really scares me. :(

    I started searching for a stronger rear wheel and found a nice one from Worksman bicycles. It has spokes that are nearly 1/8 inch in diameter with a heavy steel rim. Then I got a much improved sprocket mount from Creative Engineering. I would really like to recomend this company. Mr. James Swarthout really went to bat for me on this adapter. He did not have one in stock for this wheel but made one from measurements I sent him. This required the part be sent back twice before we finally got it right and he did all this for his regular price, which I thought was very reasonable. Unfortunately by the time I got it all back together again the weather was too cold for me to ride so it sat waiting for spring.

    Well now I have had a couple of rides this month and it is great!! The new wheel and sprocket runs much smoother that the original rig I was using. The little 66 cc engine is running great. My speedometer died as I was riding yesterday so I need to get a new one but other than that I am looking forward to a fun summer of riding my new for 2010 motorbike!!

    I had an ID on the forum last year but, goof that I am, I forgot the username and had to creat a new one. :( I saved this one in an email folder though so that wont happen again. :) I live in west Tennessee and would love to get together and ride with others if anyone is interested. Also would love to hear from anyone anywhere about these fun little bikes. :)


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    Hi tn, welcome back!