re-introduction; Rif is still alive and kickin'

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    Hey All,
    Been awhile since I've Posted, and it seems though our number of members is ever increasing, so with all the new found friends on the forum, I thought perhaps a re-introduction might be appropriate.
    So for those of you who don't know me:
    My name is Rif Addams, I lived in Tacoma, WA for about 23 years but recently got re-acquainted with an old high school sweetheart, we recently got married, and bought a 110 year old house in my old hometown of McKenna, WA where I grew up. McKenna is to the east a bit between Tacoma, and Olympia.
    I have been motorizing bicycles since 1998, and run my little business of bikes out of my shop here at home.
    In 2003 I rode from San Francisco to New York re-creating the journey of George A. Wyman first person to cross the U.S. with a motor vehicle- his was a 1902 California Motor Bicycle. Mine was a 1905 Schwinn Built Mead Pathfinder with a 2003 Whizzer WC-1. Fix or Repair daily was my moto!!!:sweatdrop:
    I am an old school punk (rocker), and now play bass in Alt. Country, and Rockabilly projects, I am an artist, and am involved in certain aspects of the Steampunk scene, one of which is building motoredbikes which cater to the steam/dieselpunk aesthetic for the annual steamcon art show.
    I am a wanderer, explorer, adventurer, and enjoy traveling, camping, etc.
    I collect odd antiquities, machineries, and all variety of junk from the past.
    I am a c.n.c. machinist for an aerospace machine shop in my work life.
    Hope all y'all are doing well and having fun and howdy to all the folks whom I know on here who I've lost touch with over the past couple of years...

  2. srdavo

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    Hiya Rif.

    It has been a while. Great to hear from you!!

    Congrats on your marriage!!

    Are you still building "Art" bikes? Would love to see more pics of any of your stuff.

    Welcome back!!
  3. Happy Valley

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    Hey Rif, good to see ya!
  4. graucho

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    Hey Rif, always loved you posts and help/support. Glad your here. I took almost 2 years off also. It looks like MB.c is averaging 10 to 20 new members a day. Holy cr#p not a cozy group like days past. Nice to see the MB movement is still moving strong. Take care buddy.
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    Good to have you back around Rif! It has been a while. You have been busy.
    Welcome aboard again.

  6. azbill

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    good to see/hear from you again Rif !!! :)