Re-Routing the Control Cables:

Discussion in 'Whizzer Motorized Bicycles' started by Hal the Elder, Dec 11, 2008.

  1. Hal the Elder

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    I want to run my control cables through the top space over the Whizzer Medallion plate...Oscar asked me to do it.

    Can the cables be disconnected at the handlebar end?


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  2. Quenton Guenther

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    Hi Hal,
    The control levers on the handlebar are the easiest way to disconnect the cables if you want to re-route them. I also locate my speedometer on the inside of the handlebars, and is a simple matter of reversing the mouting plate [some versions of the bracket might require a little modification to clear the speedometer light].

    Have fun,
  3. Hal the Elder

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    Hey Quenton, M'bike Mike, Kilroy, & Other Motoredbike Professors:


    I've owned seven motorcycles, and never had an occasion to remove any of the handlebar controls, but this time I'm going to need guidance for re-routing my Whizzer control cables.

    So HOW DO you disconnect the Throttle Cable, the Brake Cables, and the Compression Release Cable?

    Ol' Hal
  4. sk8erpunk

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    removing controls

    Hal, there are two screws on each set of controls (one on top, one on bottom). I have to run to work, or I would take pics for you (I've done this so many times now ... not funny). you do not have to disassemble anything else to get the controls off (e.g. you do not have to take off the compression release, etc.). it's just two screws for each controller. they are easy to find.

    things to remember: the controls fit over holes in the bottom of the handlebars so if you swap out bars, you will have to drill holes in the new set where the controls fit.

    hope this helps.

    you will have to reset the throttle, likely, after you take off the control. it is pretty intuitive, all of this is.
  5. KilroyCD

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    I would go about things a bit differently. To reroute the control cables between the chrome top plate of the triple tree and the top of the front cover plate, I wouldn't disconnect any control runs unless it was unavoidable. I believe it can be avoided. I'd loosen the set screws on the top plate, then loosen the nut at the bottom of the gooseneck (top of the steering tube). Then loosen and take out the bolts at the top of the fork tubes and lift the top plate of the triple tree up. I'd then move the wires through the openings on each side and then go back and close and tighten everything up.
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  6. sk8erpunk

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    well, if we are going to say what we would do ... lol ... I'd actually suggest getting a set of turn signals, as the turn signal bracket does a nice job of holding the cables through the center of the plate ... plus, you get turn signals.
  7. Hal the Elder

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    Hey SkaterPunk:

    Where I ride there is no traffic, so there is no need for turn signals.

    I would rather disconnect my electricals than add more!

    I don't need a Headlight, a Taillight or Brake Lights...only the Ignition Circuit and the Horn!

    (I enjoy giving bicyclists and dog-walkers a friendly beep while I pass them on my desert roads at 20-25MPH).

    It would be easy to disconnect those circuits I mentioned...just pull the wires out of the push-in connectors!

    Void my new bike warranty? SURE! Leaving your Whizzer just the way the factory delivered it is SICK!

    Who needs a warranty when I have you guys!

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