Wheels Re-spoked, my first wheel

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  1. it was pretty easy, after taking a hint from the guys in the shop,, was to plastic tie the spokes together.

    I had a blow out, after hitting a hole in the road, driving at night. swapped the aluminum rim for a steel one... Not bad for a girl..:grin:

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  2. graucho

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    Great job jumping in and tackling a job that most fear. That new rim should hold up great. How did the alignment/truing process go?
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    good job done with your wheel

    I am for sure out of practice when it comes to re-spoking

    was doing many back 40 years ago in our bicycle shop

    I would like to buy a truing just for when the time comes

    did you true it up without a truing stand ?

    have fun when you ride that motor bike thing
  4. Thanks for the nice replys.

    truing stand ? I just bolted the back wheel on without the chains, and starting turning and aligning the wheel, using a spoke wrench, adjusting the high spots a little at a time. It was fun..

    I learned about truing wheels, way back when we first started, using the chain tensioners,,, after the first one jumped into the spokes, we don't EVER use them anymore, but, build mounts and shims for the engines ,for proper chain tension.

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  5. Mountainman

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    that chain tensioner in your spokes --- WOW

    sure glad that didn't happen to you going downhill at 40mph

    years ago I had a generator go into my spokes at around 40 to 45mph

    it was like a bomb going off

    have fun as you -- ride that thing