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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by HeadSmess, May 17, 2010.

  1. HeadSmess

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    beanbags! thats whats needed!

    no, seriously, im just some aussie from downstairs in the basement, where we like to fiddle.:thinking:

    and having lost my license for two years im back on the motorised pushbike :whistling:

    considering myself a veteran in the field, with at least five engines and ten models under my belt.

    all previous attempts have utilised friction rollers! awful things.
    the latest aqquisition was a huasheng 50... all fitted with cent. clutch, 21.865:1 double #35 chain redux, and has been one mighty beast...until yesterday!!!!!2 weeks old!!!:shout:

    and im here cus google sent me here and i think i already got the answer!

    stupid carbies...

    i shall be back!

    (with pics n tips n stuff...)

  2. professor

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    Welcome to Motoredbikes!
    There are more than a few guys from Down Under here.
  3. ncaos

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    y tienes fotografias de las bici??? me encantaria verlas..