Reading for a while . . .first time posting


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Jan 14, 2008
New to the forum and just built my second bike. When I built my first bike I was so excited to start riding that I bought a real cheap bike and basically threw the engine on it. Very little care went into mounting it. Once I got to riding I became an addict so I had to buy another engine. I just finished putting this one together and did so with a lot more care. I think building them is just as much fun as riding them.

Been reading the posts for a while and have gained a wealth of information from everyone’s submissions. I’ve read quite a few forums but this is probably only my second post in any forum (going against policy, my first post was in another thread about 20 mins ago. Trying to make right now by introducing myself).

I’ve been a bicycle fanatic my whole life and can build a bike from the ground up. I’m new to working with engines but understand roughly how they work and can usually figure out how to fix things when they go wrong. If I can’t figure it out, I’ve found that I can usually come here and find an answer.

My first bike is a 48cc on a cheap Huffy. The new one is a 65cc on a pretty nice Greenline Cruiser. Been using them just to cruise around town here in Montana.
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