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For a little while, I've wanted to build a motorized bicycle like everyone else here seems to have. I actually had no idea there was such a following for this type of thing, so I was thrilled to have stumbled across the boards. I have a few questions, though, so any help would be greatly appreciated.

What type of motor should I look into getting, and where can I get it? I was thinking about an engine off a motorized scooter, like a Go-ped. Is this a good choice? Will it be easy to mount it, and can it be mounted safely on the bicycle? Are there faster, safer or cheaper choices?

Other than the motor and a way of mounting it on the bicycle, what other things do I need to make this happen?

And finally, how can I route the exhaust away from me in a safe and comfortable manner?

Any other considerations I've missed?

I really look forward to making something like this work out :D.

Edit: If there is a thread around here that covers all the very basics of getting started on a build, please direct me to it. Ive been browsing around, but it's all a bit overwhelming, going from basic guesswork to an encyclopedia like this website haha. And, sorry if this is in the wrong forum; it seemed like the right place.


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Dec 15, 2006
welcome to MBc Veloce ! :D
read as much as you can here, there are all kinds of styles and engine types
do a lot of research first and you will have an easier build
there are style of frame,
type of engine (frame or rack mount),
electric or gas (2stroke or 4)
all this criteria can be researched here


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Nov 4, 2006
Yes...welcome to MBc.
I took the liberty to move your 1st post to Introduce Yourself.

all good questions. lots of info here.
We have almost every type of kit imaginable here & some fantastic home-builts. enjoy! 8)


actually, in my opinion, this is a good place for a non-intro least your questions are appropriately placed, and seem thought out :D EDIT: davo got me good on this one :p

'kronic's correct, there's no single topic that tells all. as you explore, you'll find something that piques your interest, feel free to post your relevant question (as a "reply") at the bottom of any thread, that will "bump" it back to the top & you may be assured you'll then be barraged with all the answers (or opinions) you need, probably more than you want, considering this crowd :p :LOL:

good luck, & welcome to MBc 8)


Yeah, this certainly does seem like a very knowledgeable crowd. Thanks all for the friendly welcome :D



Are there motor kits for sale in Argentina? Or are you looking at buying a kit from the US and shipping it? Or putting together your own system?