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Discussion in '2-Stroke Engines' started by rkbonds, Mar 18, 2009.

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    Ok as some of you may remember a while back I had an offer to help out a friend in exchange for a motored bike kit. Well now the time has come to follow through on that. What he is wanting is an 80cc kit that has the pull start instead of the clutch release start. We need a complete kit (actually 2 kits) who would you recomend has the best reputation and product for the price.

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    If you are looking for a "Happy Time" two stroke kit, I would recommend them in the following order:

    1: Grubee Gen II, GT2 or GT4 kits. Recently available from multiple vendors - are a "cut above" the rest. Price is competitive with others. Sourced from JL and YD factories with EPA compliance.

    2: Powerkingshop - Good quality kits. Never a problem.

    3: Boygofast - Good quality kits but "rougher" finish than the PKS, and Skyhawk (Grubee) kits.

    There are other good sources that I don't have personal experience with, so don't take my list as gospel.
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    After recent experience I would say find a price you like. Expect no support. You might get support.

    3 engines, 3 vendors, 3 unique experiences. I could say buy from one of the Arizona vendors

    I just got a Starfire with pull start and centripetal clutch. With the pull start and/or that clutch you will need to either mount the engine higher or expect to have issue with the pedals hitting the engine. There is a wider crank available.
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    That site looks like, except targeted at non LA visitors. I think I would consider one of the names on the upper left side of this site instead.

    They don't show the right side of the engine, but is says it has a centrifugal clutch, but it does not list pedal cranks and sprocket which you would need to install it. Does not list EPA compliance, or even hint at it.

    Did you look at to get a feel from other folks.

    I am NOT recommending this never dealt with bikeberry but it is $10 cheaper but no pull start.

    Just my $.02 at 2AM