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    :grenade4:Went out to do some work on my bike today, the last time I rode it, when I got home, found the rubber on the front mount was swishing out almost all the way. Thought how, what the H..., have used Loctite on everything. Went to loosen up the front clamp around the frame, thinking I just pushed rubber back in and tighten things up. But oh no, the metal clamping bracket is broken in half. didn't think the vibration was that bad? This is becoming a fix or repair daily, and I haven't got it running right yet. No happy, will try little bit more, then I think, maybe I should join the trash club. John, wish I could get repair parts for that MX5:sweatdrop::sweatdrop::poop::poop:
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    That why they are called Happy Time engines!

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    Just get yourself a SickBikeParts shift kit and it will not only fix your mounting issues but give you a more enjoyable and more user friendly riding experience.