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Discussion in 'General Questions' started by proline20, Sep 15, 2008.

  1. proline20

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    I am looking for advice on purchasing a new bike to motorize. I jokingly put a weedeater on my wally world bike and now I'm hooked... Plan is friction drive on rear wheel (rear fender will not work). What do I need to look for in a Beach Cruiser style bike? I've seen 72 spoke wheels, single speed, coaster brakes, ones with gears, front springer suspension and more.
    I like simple - coaster brake, right? Comfort - springer front and awesome seat? Durability is important!!! I don't want wobbly rims after hitting a pothole going 25mph. Any of these good?
    Thanks for the help.

  2. terrence

    terrence Member

    Hi proline, this slightly relates to your question but its something I noticed.
    I have ordered a bike from them, also from
    this early spring for my elderly neighbors. Both places did me good. The thing I just noticed when I went
    on their web sites is their prices are 35% more now, than I paid. Also shipping is double.
    Can you wait til the bike season tapers off?

    I also threw a friction on a wally world cruiser for my wife which pushes very good
    on dry days. terrence
  3. proline20

    proline20 New Member

    Thanks terrence.
    What about durability? Comfort? Anyone ridden lots of different cruisers out there?
  4. Rain City

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    I think you will want more than a coasterbrake if you plan on doing regular MB speeds.

    Maybe you could get a bike frame that you like, and customize the handlebars. Throw some big ones on there, go to a motorcycle shop or something for some good ones. Get creative.
  5. proline20

    proline20 New Member

    I'm liking the Micargi 26" Cougar GTS. For $200 delivered, with 144 spokes and springer suspension, sounds like a deal. Anyone ride one?
  6. I love that Cougar. Check out Graucho's build. Also check the gallery. Look for 'Silver Bullet'. Awesome. The 144 spoke can be a challange to install the clamshell sproket. Maybe go with wheel w/ fewer spokes for the rear.
  7. Mountainman

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    if the plan is friction drive
    do to the way in which these frames are made (which look very cool)
    but - may have to add metal to channel bracket - not a big deal...

    in regards to comment about waiting until bicycle season is over (pricing)
    forget it -- prices are not going to come down...

    Ride That Thing - Mountainman
  8. proline20

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    I'm putting a Bumble Bee on whatever I choose. One bolt install, no metal reinforcing, no sprocket. The bolt-on goes thru the 'v' just to the rear of the seat post hole. MountainMan has great taste with that Urban Deluxe!!! (which was originally first place in the running)
    I'm only a couple months into this and am eager to learn! I want the simplest, strongest most comfortable possible ride. I'm trying to make a short list of 'must haves' and know these so far: Steel Frame, Basic Cruiser, $200 max price delivered, fat seat, coaster brake, fat tires, and big handlebars.
    I want simple + strong - I killed my wally world bike in 2 months and 600 miles and my engine just got broke in. Sick of cables and gears!

    Are 144 spokes the strongest? 72 spokes? 48? 36?
    I see a lot of 'alloy rims w/stainless steel spokes' - are they strong?
    I'm 6' tall, frame size recommendation?
    Are springer suspensions strong?
    Is a shock absorber seat post worth the $?

    I understand you can go to a bike shop and have just about anything made custom you want - not my intent. I want to buy a cool ride once in the general marketplace turnkey and be done...

    Firmstrong Urban LRD has 68 the running?
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  9. sparky

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    I hear that double wall alloy rims are the best you can get, and I'm sure stainless steel spokes don't hurt.

    There's also mags (the solid metal wheels) if you don't want to worry about spokes twisting, breaking off, etc.

    Prolly, but I'd imagine that a full-suspension bike would be a better choice, tho. Wonder how many full-suspension cruisers there are...
  10. proline20

    proline20 New Member

    Does having more spokes make it stronger, or is it the rim quality and spoke guage?

    Local bike shop here only had trek and sun, said could only get 12" and 20" mags...

    I understand you can go to a bike shop and have just about anything made custom you want - not my intent. Wanna choose the right bike to maximize fun!
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  11. sparky

    sparky Active Member

    Typically always seems to be quality over quantity, but don't quote me on that for spokes.

    Just found these mags for sell on eBay. The seller has multiple types/colors of mags, has 100% feedback, & has quite a few repeat customers.

    Just keep searching for components until you see something you like that fits with your overall goal.
  12. seanhan

    seanhan Member

    I got a Schwinn Point Beach from wally world.
    It seems like a good bike, only paid $124.00 for it.
    will put the GEBE on it Monday.
    The only thing I dont like is that I will have to remove the rear rack!!!
    That rack really looks cool, but O well...
  13. 5-7HEAVEN

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    Proline, an absolute need is a simple front v-brake that the bike shop can install for a small fee. If it won't clear the springer fork, install a front drum brake.

    I started off with a new RALEIGH cruiser with coaster brake. I installed front brake, then suspension seat, then ROCKSHOX FRONT FORK. Then I wanted rear v-brake with 21 gears, so I bought a used SCHWINN SKYLINER bike for $100. Then I gave the bike to my brother.

    Now I have a RALEIGH RETRO-7 cruiser-type bike with dual v-brakes and 7-gear derailleur with Mitsubishi friction drives.

    Front brakes are a great improvement, also HD rims with 12g spokes and high-speed grease in the hubs.

    Unsure if any bike's wheels will survive a pothole at 25mph.
  14. proline20

    proline20 New Member

    Thanks everyone for the lessons shared! I got lucky and picked up a Jamis Earth Cruiser - Build #2. My friend had it in his garage and I asked him to make me a deal, he said take it. Just what I wanted - steel frame, 12g spokes, 26x2.125 tires, wide handlebars, and a fat seat. Less than an hour after I got home, 'Tank' was sporting a new Bumble Bee kit cruising 25 mph. What a difference in ride vs. the 28x1.75 hybrid road bike.