Real good mind bender

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Fabian, Jul 2, 2010.

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    I'm sorry, I was distracted by these invisible indians attacking me with arrows in my living room...What was it about?

    BTW: My brain just blew up.
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    Watching and listening to this was...well...excruciating.
    My brain hurts and I think my ears are bleeding...
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    Wow & i got infractions for saying pull my finger! Fabian is trying to make our brains explode!!!Ouch... lol...
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    Just how would one go about demonstrating the physical existence of extra third dimensional plains. Even the assumption that "time" is somehow a "dimensional plain" may be unprovable as Relativity demonstrated that time is not universally constant but only constant for a single observer. An intriguing possibility is that time doesn't actually exist in the universe but is only a human driven phenomenon that we use to explain the universe that our sense's perceive.

    If this is in fact true, it would invalidate ALL science as we know it today and open the possibility the the infinitely strange universe may be beyond human understanding.
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    What we call time is really the measurement of time. An hour is just a foot in the 4th dimension. Time is a man made concept as far as 10pm, but the cronological element of "time" is real.

    Metaphysics rule!
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    Would you admit that space exists??

    In physics class, you learn that the acceleration is measured in distance over time squared.

    Just because you give distance units doesn't mean that "space isn't real, man". It's a real thing.

    Obviously there are quite a few jumps in this String Theory that I missed out on, but who knows??

    Who cares, really?? You're not gonna get to jump back in time. NOW GET BACK TO THE FUTURE!!