Wheels real "spokey"

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    hello gentlemen!!! i've finished my build and have been riding it about four months now. i have a problem. i ride my bike everyday to and from work which is about nine miles round trip. i easily cruise 30mph. get to work and everything is fine. go to leave and it looked like someone kicked my rim and bent the **** out of it. not rideable. some of the spokes were even broke at the hub. now just after buying a new heavy duty rim and spokes($95 worth) i'm experiencing this again just after not even a week. some of the spokes are very loose. what is causing this and what can i do to prevent this from happening. i'm afraid to ride it now. can anybody tell me if they have experienced this and how to stop this from going south? thnx for your help in advance. :ack2:

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    If you know how to tru a wheel you can do it yourself. Otherwise, take it to a bike shop and tell them to go just a little snugger ( Ya noticed I said A LITTLE snugger) on the spokes couse it's for a motorized, and to put a little lock-tite on them at the thread end. That should hold it.
    Big Red.