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Discussion in 'Rack Mounted Engines' started by recumbentbill, Nov 25, 2007.

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  1. Howdy. Aside from my intro this is my first post. I have two golden eagle powered bikes. Golde eagle claims up to 250mpg or 30 to 35 miles per tank. I have the 26 and the 40 Tanaka pure fire Engines. The 26 has a 22oz tank. Assuming that I get 35 miles per tank I would have to burn 7.14 tanks to go 250 miles . Thats over a gallon. My realistic mileage is about 22 miles per the 22oz tank. I'm still happy with my 127 mpg that i get. What are you getting :cool:

  2. gone_fishin

    gone_fishin Guest

    tanaka 32
    13 tooth drive gear
    400 miles on new engine
    i run it hard and wide-open all the time
    GVW=? (fairly heavy bicycle, 190lb rider)
  3. Alaskavan

    Alaskavan Guest

    Mitsu 43
    Staton Friction Drive. 1.5" roller
    1,000+ miles
    I run wide open almost all the time
    Aluminum Trek, 135lb rider
    About 180 mpg
  4. MtnGoat

    MtnGoat Guest

    K/Z 25cc GEBE, 10 tooth trail gear.

    250 mpg, but my riding conditions are atypical. Straight down 2000 ft. & back up. On the down the engine is off. On the up I'm pedal assisting vigorously, in order to keep the bike rolling forward.
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  5. Jim H

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    tanaka 40
    14 tooth drive gear
    260# bike+me
    3/4 to wot
  6. gone_fishin

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  7. dbigkahunna

    dbigkahunna Guest

    Dimension Edge
    700cc wheel
    1 inch roller friction drive
    49cc Tecumseh
    Hard 3/4 to full throttle
    120 to 130mpg
    Cruising 1/4 to 1/2 throttle
    One tank full over 50 miles on 22 oz of fuel (not typical)
    I figure 128 mpg or one ounce to the mile for carrying fuel.
    Flat to rolling terrain paved roads.
    Going to the largest roller should increase the MPG and top end at the expense of low end.
  8. Most of you guys have included some additional info that I should have put in the beginning of this thread. So--- here tis my addition.
    I have the 12 tooth and the 14 tooth highway drive sprockets
    My bike is a heavy mon goose dual susp mtn bk
    My weight is 205 and I run the engine wide open all the time:shock:
  9. MtnGoat

    MtnGoat Guest


    GEBE claims 200-220 for the Tanaka 26, and 140-160 for the 40cc. They only claim 250 for the KZ 25cc.

    From the replies so far, the Tanakas appear to be thirsty beasts, regardless of displacement.

    I hope we get more data.
  10. Torques

    Torques Guest

    It can be as much as they claim, it depends on riding conditions and how much the rider is helping the motor. On my upright bikes (cruisers/mountain), I get around 160 +. That is a lot of stop and go riding. On my prototype (stretch cruiser) I regularily get around 212 + up to as much as 238 (that's on the EHO35 engine).
  11. larymor

    larymor Guest

    Stop and driving..flat terrain..127MPG

    R/S35 GEBE
    aluminum MB
    standard gear
    250lb rider
  12. Smallwheels

    Smallwheels Guest

    I weigh 150 pounds. My Golden Eagle Tanaka 3300 32cc kit has the 14 tooth highway gear. My top speed is usually 28-30 mph on level ground without wind. My fuel mileage is only 132 miles per gallon (US). I pedal all the time with my kit. It doesn't add much to the speed even if I stand up on the pedals and use maximum force.

    I was really hoping to get at least 180 mpg since I am not too heavy. Still I like my kit because I can carry it up stairs and keep it on my apartment balcony. I couldn't do that with a 49cc motor scooter that weighed 170 pounds.
  13. Esteban

    Esteban Active Member

    Super hard to figure accurate gas mileages. I am 170, bike is older Schwinn Hybrid 12 spd, level roads, I pedal a little at times , motor is a vintage Orline [ Ohlsson & Rice, Chicken Power ] tire scrubber;
    I figure that I get around 125 mpg, which is what manual says.
  14. I weigh in at 340#, and run a Robin/Suburu 35cc GEBE. My tank is full at 16oz, and that will take me about 18 mi. around here in Indianapolis. Mostly flat, but a few gradual hills, and a lot of wind. I'm running the standard street gear, and get 30-31 mph on flat ground with no wind, if she's in a good I average about 17mph, (or that's what my bike comp tells I believe that's around 144 miles per gallon of premium grade gasoline. Again...that's not half bad for a dude weighing in at 340.
  15. will_start

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    whats that in a 21 st Century Measure ?

    whats that in a 21 st Century Measure ?

    you know, they call it metric...:grin:
  16. HoughMade

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    2,560,320 rods per hogshead
  17. will_start

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    That'd be a 19TH Century measure.
    I want the 21ST Century Version. :arrow:
  18. Jim H

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    We're still fighting the metric system here in the USA. Hard to understand, resistant to change, and just flat out rebellious. The only thing I know about metrics are wrenches!
  19. will_start

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    Well, its not like the US of A, to stick to its GUNS and dig its heals in now is it ?
  20. thatsdax

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    I get around..

    I am about 6 feet tall, 185lbs, riding the Titan 4 stroke rack, I get between 130mpg and 150mpg depending on conditions and speed. At a minimum, I get 130mpg. I cruise 32-34 mph. I can go 42 miles on 1 liter. Enjoy the ride..