reallistic gas mileage

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    Some bike kits claim up to 225 mpg or 30 to 35 miles per 22oz tank [GEBE Here] I have at present a tanaka 26cc kit a tanaka 40 gebe kit and a inframe honda gxh 50 inframe kit. All get around 120 to 130 mpg. How do the mileage guru's get the high mpg's that are claimed

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    Combined rider and bike weight, gearing, terrain are all contributing factors but how much someone pedals has probably the largest influence in mpg. I assume the dealers will opt for the high estimates when pitching their product.

    My son had a Toyota Prius for a while. He was into hyper-mileing with onboard computer mpg readouts, user forums just like this one, etc. Surprising how much you can squeeze out of a gallon if you're obsessed, lol.
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    I have a BMP friction drive that I've used both a Honda GX35 and a Harbor Freight 50cc. I haven't ridden my bike nor checked the mileage lately, but as well as I remember I'm getting around 110 - 130 out of both engines. I'm not one of those that worry about squeezing every little inch out of a gallon of gasoline. I ride just for the fun of it anyway. My bike definitely gets better mileage than any of my automobiles !
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    I run a Tanaka 47R racing engine with a shift kit and very stiff gear ratios.

    I use 87 octane and ride mostly on flat ground with congested traffic.

    Gas mileage is about 80mpg with absolutely no pedal-assisting. I use a heavy throttle to claim the lane and ride ahead of traffic. Top speed is self-regulated at 42 mph.

    I'm happy with my gas mileage. It costs me $10.73 monthly to commute to work.
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    I would guesstimate that my Rob/Subaru Eh035 is getting at least 150mpg. Likely closer to 180~200 mpg. This does include pedaling from a dead-stop, however.

    20" wheels. 5:1 reverse gearbox. 11 to 44 tooth sprockets. I'm a skinny lad, however... so not much cross-section fighting these heavy winds of late.