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  1. After researching your site, I am now really confused. What engine is the best? I was thinking of getting a honda but there are so many choices. How do I know that the engine will match with the kit I am buying from Do you shift gears with these kits? Sorry about the random thoughts, but im confused. Thanks:confused:

  2. No gears unless you modify. It's a bicycle. Think pedal assist and then you will see the awesome! There is a guy out there making it all go with your derailier and there's also those that have the nuvinchi hub,but most run single geared.
    Every engine has it's advantages. Personally I LOVE my Happy Time and that's the most common engine around for EVERYBODY sells it and it's the least expensive.
    Seriously,whatever engine kit you decide on you really can't go wrong. The most criticism I've ever heard here revolves around the Happy Time and I'm racking up some serious miles on mine. Anything else would be considered an upgrade.
    Don't worry. You're gonna be way cool.

    I heard around here that only some engines will work with that 4 stroke kit.
    If you don't already have an engine the easiest and least painful way to go is get the engine and kit from the same vendor that way there's no doubt.
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  3. Could it be possible to put a 5 hp engine on my bike, or is this overkill. What is the best engine size?
  4. You mean like a Briggs and Stratton? Those usually go in trailer pushers and you're gonna be hard pressed to let that slide by the po po.
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    Yes, I feel overkill. They range from 26cc to 80 (or whatever) and they all push you down the road well. Im told that the 40cc Tanaka kevlar belt drive from golden eagle or the 50cc Titan from Dax will carry you as good as my v mount 80cc HT.
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    5 hp may attract official attention either due to size (if it's stock) or sound (if it's built). Some attention is good. Some attention is not so good.
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    What engine is best for what? top speed, torque, reliability, maintenance, price, value, least noisy, etc.

    Do you have any idea what you want? Rack-mount? That's what I'm most fond of.

    You seem to want a quality setup. The quality setups I'm most fond of are Mitsubishi TLE43 (2-stroke), Honda GXH50 (4-stroke), & any of the Robin-Subaru kits from GEBE (belt-drive).

    Did you read that link I gave you in your first introduction thread? There's lots of good information in there to help you figure some of this out.
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    It is natural to ask what is "best", but it is an impossible question to answer. You will get numerous opinions of what is best and there is no consensus.

    The "best" way to figure out what engine will work with the kit from bicycle-engines is to read their website and if that does not answer you question, talk to you vendor. However, the 4 stroke kit sold there was designed around a Honda GXH50- but Chinese clones of this engine built by Huasheng will work as well. There may be other clones, but were it me, I would stick to the engines the kit was designed for. I have the same kit and I am using the Honda engine.

    As for a 5hp engine- can you make it fit? That's a problem. Also, it is heavy, very heavy. The Honda GXH50 weighs about 12 lbs. What does a 5hp engine you are interested in weigh?
  9. 35 lbs.; is the more hp, the faster u can go? All engines have different rev limits? Or is it just the torque put out?
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    With a limited knowledge of engines, you might be better served by purchasing a complete kit. At least that way, all of the parts should fit together, maybe.
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    Well, generally, the more horsepower the faster- but the Honda GXH50 will rev to over 7000 rpm while the larger 5hp (if stock) will probably do 3500-3800- that just affects how you gear it down, though. The other issue is that if you have 3 times thw weight for twice the power- at a point, the added power is just being used carrying around the weight- and giving no more speed. Finally, with a 2.5 hp Hond, you can probably get 40 mph or better out of it with the right combination of parts. How fast is safe on a bicycle?