Really cool "bike" video - 1919 Excelsior OHC racer

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Pablo, Nov 26, 2007.

  1. Pablo

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  2. Egor

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    WOW, can I take it for a ride? Have fun, dave
  3. JemmaUK

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    Nice video,

    I thought it spoiled it a little using a 12v external starter but then I'd hate to try and start that motor using the pedals...

    nice machine, and the half cart-spring front fork was unusual...

    I wouldnt want to ride the thing mind you... specially not without brakes...

    thanks for posting it..

    Jemma xx
  4. OldPete

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    I posted this video awhile back. Sure is a cammy sounding engine.

    Generally, boardtrack bikes were tow started by another street type motor driven cycle and had no brakes, had no throttle. All engine control/braking was done by using the kill button. Real crazy racing!

    I believe that in racing trim this Excelsior would not have a throttle valve.
  5. JemmaUK

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    "We who are about to die, salute you...."

    I begin to understand what the guy in the film said about it being cancelled because of all the injuries... absolutely and completely mad ... I like it lol :)

    I should be back on the road by tomorrow mid-afternoon :D

    Jemma xx
  6. Pablo

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    Sorry - I didn't know it was posted before. I should have searched.

    My doubts are in regard to the machining ability now vs. 1919.....
  7. Egor

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    The bikes that followed the board tracker was the flat tracker. I used to follow the half mile, no brakes and lots of noise. We could take a bunch of Happy Time bikes and find a dirt lot and make some dust. We could take the brakes off and make it a blast. Have fun Dave

    PS: On the boards the spectators were allowed the get too close. At one event a famous rider lost control and flew up to the top rail, five boys were watching with there heads over the rail, he struck all five and killed them all. He then went further out of control, went down the track and then up over the top and was also killed. The track was closed and never opened.