really odd problem!!



Ok this is going to sound really odd! I leaned my bike up against a tree and left it sitting their for 5-10 mins and now my bike realy doesn't work like normal! When I pull in the clutch instead of idling like normal the engine cuts, I don't get near as much speed and acceleration, and my bike sounds different! No one tampered with it and I can't imagine leaning it against a tree did all that much to it!!! So something probably got worn out or something? Maybe it nuged something that changed the strenght of my spark? I don't know...I've tampered around with it and it still isn't quite like normal!
Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Check the float in your carberator, maybe its stuck. check the tightness of the wires and connections, I leaned my bike against a bush once and the branches ripped out a wire as i pulled it away.
Trees don't like our bikes, just the other day I was going by a tree and out of nowere I got hit by 2 chipmunks and a squirl :devilish: :devilish:
This is a really common problem, Werdna. It's caused by capillary action whereby the sap within the tree trunk will actually seep through microscopic pores in the frame of the bike. Once it gets within the frame, there's really no stopping it. The stuff will fill the tubing up and eventually work it's way into the carb and fuel system resulting in clogged jets. So the lack of power you are experiencing is actually a twofold problem 1) the plugged carb is not providing the engine with enough fuel. 2) your bike now weighs 145 pounds because it's right full of sap.

Of course, I assume you realize I am kidding. And the problem you're experiencing would no doubt, have occurred no matter where you left the bike parked. It's likely just something simple. I'd pull the carb apart and see if something went awry in there. A e-clip may have just choosen to slip off of the needle or perhaps there's a prob with the float. Have you tried a different spark plug? Or it may in fact be a loose wire that got tugged by a branch. Let us know what it turns out to be.

ha ha! I'll check my carb and wires....I don't have another spark plug to check but I problably should get some extras. Thanks for the advice!
them bloody trees

I too have had a similar problem with trees, a few weeks ago I was riding home along a dirt track and a tree come out from no were a knocked me clean off my bike.

have you checked your air filter for flow.
when you lean your bike over too far fuel/oil can leak into your filter and reduce the flow.
ok-I found out what my problem was! I took apart my carb and checked it all out...didn't find any problems so I thougth that I would check my gasket while I had the carb of. The gasket basicaly was non excistant. Made one out of ceral box and my bike now works really well! How long will a ceral box gasket last? I'm thinking about getting some gasket material and replacing it it ok if I ride it in the mean time?
it will be fine for a little wile, get you a new gaskit asap.....glad to hear your up and runing :D
Hey Werdna, Are you talking about the float bowl gasket? I have a really thin gasket on my bowl and it leaks a bit when my bike sits on the kickstand. There is always a bit of gas on the outside/bottom of the bowl. How hard was the gasket to cut from the cereal box? I was thinking of making a new gasket from a sheet of gasket making material that I have, but I thought it would be really hard to cut such a narrow gasket.

the float bowl gasket would be tough to replicate by hand, but if it's intact, letting it dry and cleaning it should be all you need. the screws have to a bit tighter than you might think, they'll hold. when doing carby work, "clean" is the keyword.

the intake gasket can be replaced with a hard flat cardboard like a cereal or saltine box. use gasket sealer both sides. make certain the flange is flat & file it flat if you need to. check tightness frequently after install. this method has lasted for over 300 miles on mine, and no signs of breakdown any time soon 8)