Really starting to enjoy the bike!

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  1. Marktur

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    Hi all,
    Just wanted to say that I think I've finally got passed my flat tire gremlins! :grin:

    Been putting some miles on..yesterday and today...running errands was a lot of fun today...especially the liquor store! I pull up the same time as a wife sent me on an errand to get a bottle of Vodka since we're having a small party tomorrow...I walk in...pick up a bottle of Stoli' for it...walk out, and put it in my front bag on the handlebars....all right in front of "Officer Friendly".

    Then I put my helmet on...unlocked the bike...wrapped the chain around the post and fired up the bike. I then smiled at the officer...he calls me over. we go now...

    He starts asking me where I got it...and I end up talking with him for about 15 minutes...told me to have a great weekend, then I pulled away with my bottle sticking out (couldn't close the bag all the way!)

    Too funny...I don't even drink, but I'm thinking "What if he gives me a sobriety test and I can't do the alphabet backwards?"...wouldn't that suck?

    Anyway...the bike is doing great. I put the Dax ball-bearing chain tensioner on. Seems to really get smooth for cruising longer stretches (mile at a time, for example) right around 19-22mph. I probably rode about 10 miles today, and it was fun! The bike will DEFINITELY go a lot faster, but I back off just enough to keep the motor "2-strokin'".

    Haven't seen another motor-biker yet.


  2. That's awesome. There are actually some guys here from Florida I think.
    Are you right by the beach?
  3. azbill

    azbill Active Member

    happy time hooks another :lol:
    no wonder we call it the 'gateway engine' :D:D
  4. MasterLink

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    i thought i seen a post from you that you were geting a moped and selling yer orange cruzer or bring me up to speed thanks i did a bunch riding today also was a blast
  5. Marktur

    Marktur Member

    Hi guys,
    Yes, I live close to the beach (relatively) - about 6-7 miles I think. I haven't been brave enough to take the bike yet with my flats problem, but feeling better about going that far now, I think.

  6. Marktur

    Marktur Member

    OK, about selling the bike and going to a moped/scooter:
    The eBay deal fell through - the guy that bought it had some issues with his wife and mother (they didn't think it was safe), so I let him out of the deal since I've really got the bike working properly and fell back in love with it again...he agreed to pay the eBay costs (done already), so I left him good feedback, and get to keep the bike, too!

    I still am very interested in getting a scoot for longer distances/extended cruising, but no rush, and for now I'm having fun with the Kulana...I need to get my motorcycle endorsement in order to get anything bigger than 50cc. I'm looking at the 150cc bikes, but lots to learn and again, no rush...maybe in a month or two.

    Anyway, I'll be sticking around for a while.. :)

  7. Marktur

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    Great Ride Home Today

    So I left work around 5pm...80 something degrees, fluffy white clouds, deep blue is good!

    I decided I didn't want to go straight home, and I "think" my bike is now I stopped by the local Bike Shop to show the guys my bike, since I was in there a few times for tubes and Mr. Tuffy...this is a pretty big shop, and there's 5 people customers...and they all come out to check out my bike!

    I ended up asking them if they can help me get my shifter off, so I can reset the position of shifter and brake (the shifter allen screw was rusty and disintegrated as soon as I put the allen key in, and I was not able to get the screw to loosen he kindly drilled it out for me and got me fixed up.

    He didn't charge me anything, so I decided to buy something anyway...I bought a nice rear cargo rack ($39....could've done much better on eBay, but made some friends, and supported the shop).

    I let them all ride guy asked how to look them up on eBay, and had a really nice Chopper bike with fatty tires and banana seat that looked like a great candidate for a motor... It was a lot of fun BSing with them, and I'll stop back by in a week or two and see if there's any new motor bikes around!

    Then I get home, and the phone rings, and it's one of the mom's wanting to ask me all about the bike for one of her sons. (14 yr. old) I told her it's a lot of fun, but I worry about the traffic... ended up she also asked me for links and info, too.

    Anyway, just wanted to share my little's a Budweiser American Hero story, ya know. :)

    Tomorrow I will ride to the beach, and take a picture of my nameless bike there for you all to see! Maybe I can recruit a pretty girl in bikini to pose with it for me, since I KNOW you don't want to see my ugly-butt! :)

    OK, happy times....
  8. JohnnyLoves

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    Great story Mark!

    I wish I could do the same around here, but the bike shop local to my town turns their nose up when it comes to motored bikes.

    Good Riding,

  9. MasterLink

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    ive been to a few shops most them not to friendly ..all the shopes here u have to wheel your bike inside i went in one shop and was my first ride out and the flot was sticking gas was dripping the owner got so upset i was like ohh iam sorry ..i need some pinch bolts for my cranks i think in the long run they might be scared that all bikes will have motors on them
    mark what bike do you have now ohh i went to the lake Sunday was a lot of fun riding in the sand i wount do it again its so hard on the bike i was riding in the surf i have posted a dark vid of it in the vid forums and some pics in my album .. i seen the bike cops on the boardwalk there early that night i killed the motor and started to backpedal i kinda feel like pee wee hurman doin that i dont have that feeling when the motor is on heheh
  10. MR. MotoredBike Rider Your Having Too Much Fun Man
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    As you take a bite of your 15 dollar Quizno's sub you let your workers smell what you are eating.(He lets them smell what he is eating!)
    So crack open an ice cold Bud Light O' Mac Daddy of the MotoredBike Rider! You're the real man! (Mr. MotoredBike Rider Your Having Too Much Fun Man)
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  11. Marktur

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    That is BEAUTIFUL!
  12. eljefino

    eljefino Member

    I like everything except the $15 quizno's sub

    That will buy you almost a meter of sandwich at subway. :D
  13. KiDD

    KiDD Member

    LOL @ Large, your a funny guy!

    Not a huge fan of Quizno either, but my Quizno doesn't serve Bud either!
  14. crabdance

    crabdance Member

    cool Mark... great story!
  15. azbill

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    the more you ride, the more questions you will get asked
    we are all ambassadors (represent us well:D)
  16. Marktur

    Marktur Member

    I will certainly try my best, Bill! :)

    PS. Can't wait for my afternoon ride to the beach. Coming home will be my longest ride, I think...about 10 miles from my favorite beach to front door of my house.

    Here's a picture of the beach for ya:
  17. sjackson

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    Which shops do you go to? I'm in Chicago too. Don't have an MB yet, but would at least like to know who to avoid. I'm suspicious that Rapid Transit and Upgrade wouldn't like me rolling up on one of these.
  18. MasterLink

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    hey man cool i new some folks would start to show up sooner or later iam talking about the 3 shops .. the one on ivring and Austin was the cooliest the one on irving and kosner wasn't to cool hes more a race shop and the one at grand and Harlem is the guy that i had the gas issue happin hes cool now just have to leave your ride out side they all talk about insurance issues bla bla bla
  19. Marktur

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    The guys I met wheeled it right into the shop without a second of hesitation.

    I hate when specialty shop guys act like d*cks. Nobody wins - they definitely lose a customer, and we lose a source of over-priced goodies for our bikes.

    I paid way too much for a rear rack, but it was nice not to have to wait for an ebay deal...And I didn't feel bad because they were all cool, and this is how they generate paychecks... :)
  20. Marktur

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    Nice Sunday Morning Ride!

    Beautiful Sunday morning...I did about 12 miles this morning...went to the ATM, then for coffee at Barnes and Noble. Started out around 7:30am, and the streets were relatively empty, so that was nice!

    I think the new spark plug has made the bike run more smoother at lower speeds, which is what I was hoping for. I was able to cruise very comfortably anywhere from about 15mph-25mph. Maybe the motor's still loosening up, too, since I put about 200 miles driving very gingerly.

    Anyway, here's a couple of pix of my bike in it's current state. Enjoy!

    PS. This bike still needs a name...suggestions? :)

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