rear belt tension on 2007 NE5

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    Hello everyone. I have a question for the whizzer gurus here. I recently bought a 2007 NE5 and have put about 250 miles on it. I got it out of the garage this morning to ride it to work and noticed that the belt was slipping when I started it. As I was riding it was slowly losing speed and slipping like crazy. the belt is now barely sitting in the clutch pulley.

    I am wondering whether the engine mounts somehow loosened up (they don't appear to be loose), or the belt has become stretched out. I rode it to the grocery store the night before and it worked if it's stretched out
    I wonder how it got like that so suddenly.

    I just recently put a new drum brake on the back, originally it had a band brake that I burned through pretty quickly on our many hills here in Pa. To get the brake on I had to move the axle over about 1/4 of an inch. I was wondering if the belt is having problems because the main pulley is now out of alignment?

    Has anyone else on here had this problem? I sure wish there was a whizzer dealer within 100 miles of my town!


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    The factory belts are not of the highest quality. I personally use Gates belts. AX62 is the size. I have not had any issues with the Gate belts.

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    Do you think those belts can be found at my local auto parts store, or would I need to send away for them? what size would I need for the back belt? thanks for your help.
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    Sorry, I just realize that you told me what size that I would need...I'm just a little slow on the uptake I guess.
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    Hi Jonnydmstar,

    The rear belt should be marked with the AX number. Most are either an AX62 or AX63. Please note AX belt numbers aren't the same as other versions of the belt. For example an AX63 is the same as a 4L650 [1/2" X 65"]. The stock front belt is a 4L290 but is the same as an AX27. I also use Gates brand when possible.
    Although stock Whizzer belts do stretch [99% of new belts stretch a little], I doubt it resized so quickly. I suspect the rear wheel might have slipped forward slightly, and suggest checking the rear axle nuts to make sure they are very tight.

    Have fun,
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    Thanks for the help Quenton. I took the cover off today and found that the belt probably is stretched out. The wheel is pushed as far back as it will allow while maintaining good chain tension on the pedalcrank. I moved the arm that holds the clutch up as far as it would go but the belt is still much too loose. The belt has always slipped a little, made a few squeaks when I hit the throttle, but I don't know exactly why the belt stretched out so quickly. Do you think autozone would have gates belts? Do I just ask for a AX6? Thanks guys.
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    Hi Jonnydmstar,

    The AX series belt is "notched", whereas the 4L series is not. You might consider moving the top rear of the motor forward prior to replacing the belt.

    Have fun,
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    You will need to ask for an AX62 or 63. If you ask for an AX6, you'll get a 6" belt (if they even make one that small in the AX series).
    This is assuming that the rear belt is the belt that needs to be replaced. If it's the belt between the flywheel and the clutch, you would need an AX27. It probably wouldn't hurt to replace both with the better quality belts.
    Gates has a dealer locator on their website, and that should help you find who is selling them:
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