Rear carrier installed !

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    Well, 4 hours and $55 later I am so happy with my new "battery box".
    I paid $20 bucks for a guy to cut and supply a nice piece of aluminum but when you are riding around town trying to scrounge up stuff in the winter, it can be hard. I also installed the rear light that came with the bike. It;s made it through the winter slush and salt so it seems like a good watertight light.
    I know there may be some who may think it's a goofy thing to put on a bike, but it serves a purpose and to be honest, I love it!
    Next I will stick my batteries in there and mount the on/off switch and the charger port on the box, making it look factory. After that I will get a custom gas tank that will fit into the original battery box with the gas cap right under the seat.
    I have a quick release holding the seat in place so I think it will be a nice clean look and getting to the gas cap will be simple. After that, I'm going to get a second electric motor and up the volts to 36....yippee!!!!
    I feel like a new dad, so proud of my newborn.
    I love my baby and can't wait to ride that THING!:tt1:

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  2. SimpleSimon

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    Very nice look - I like the tail light, which is a VERY good idea.
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    double whammy of engines!!!! lol
    nice looking job!

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    that's a pretty sweet hybrid.