Rear chain sprocket size

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    Hello everyone, this is the first good day around here to work on my '05-NE5, temp is 68*. Last year my rear brake sprocket axle assembly broke, so I ordered a new one from Whizzer, I put it on and went to install the wheel and it would not fit.

    The tire rubbed the inside of the fender and would not line up properly, I sat down and looked at it from every angle and then it hit me, the rear chain sprocket was too big. I measured the new one and it was 3" O.D and the old one was 2 3/4".

    Put the old one on and everything works the way it should and lines up properly. I just thought I would pass this along to make sure you use the right sprocket size and not trust the one sent to you and not waste a good hour of your life..

    Whizzer 58

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    If I read it right the rear drive sprocket is too big. When try to get mine belt/chain adj right on mine 48 I add or remove link to put in half link in to the chain so it match. I try the full link and it was way too much and need the half link to get it.
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